Strange Stories Around The World

Strange Stories Around The World – Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the world is made up of a series of weird and wonderful stories. It has captivated the hearts and minds of generations. Some are mind-boggling, extraordinary, and some are just plain weird. What is it that is bizarre and confusing that we find interesting?

Maybe it’s the conspiracy theorist in us. A touch of morbid curiosity or a love of discovering unknown secrets. Thrush is that some stories have the power to charm us.

Strange Stories Around The World

Strange Stories Around The World

We all love mysteries here at Exciting Escapes, so we’ve picked some of our favorite weird and wonderful stories from around the world.

The Monoliths In Utah, California, And Romania, Explained

The pyramids are a lasting legacy of the ancient Egyptians. Their work, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is perhaps the most famous of all. 4,500 years ago, the pyramid was built to honor the pharaohs of Egypt’s fourth ruling dynasty. They were also known as the Old Kingdom.

Strange Stories Around The World

From 2015 to 2017, Cornell University archaeologists led the ScanPyramids project. Using cosmic rays, the team made a series of scans. It identified two gaps deep within the structure of the Pyramid. The first is a small passage near the north wall. The second is a much larger corridor located above the great gallery.

Although there is still much to discover about the tunnels, the larger of the two – 98 feet long and 20 feet high – is believed to lead to a hidden burial chamber of Pharaoh Khufu, the guy for whom the pyramid was built all those years ago . . !

Strange Stories Around The World

Stephen Strange (earth 616)

But what is most interesting about the Pyramid is the mystery behind its construction. Egyptologists believe it took 20,000 Egyptians and 5.5 million tons of limestone to erect the colossal structure. Add the 143-foot-long ship sealed in the pit of the Great Pyramid and you uncover a mystery beyond the afterlife!

Love at first sight is a concept that has dominated the big screen and romance novels for years. But when Burt Pugach first laid eyes on Linda Riss in 1959, neither of them could have imagined the revenge story that would result from their toxic romance.

Strange Stories Around The World

Naturally, after Riss found out that Pugach was already married with children, she called off their romance. But what happened next shocked a nation.

Fiction: Katherine Mansfield’s ‘strange Bliss’ Review

Out of anger, jealousy, sheer heartlessness or even possessiveness, Pugach hired three assailants to throw lye (a type of hydroxide) in Riss’s face. The act left Riss permanently maimed and almost completely blind.

Strange Stories Around The World

Yes, Pugach was in prison for 14 years. After his release, they were reunited and, in a bizarre twist of fate, the doomed lovebirds enjoyed nearly 40 years of marriage.

Einstein was a genius. He transformed our understanding of space, time, gravity and the universe with his theory of relativity. But when he died in 1955, his brain mysteriously disappeared.

Strange Stories Around The World

Mosterous Tales Ii] Book For Chronicle Books On Behance

Yes, it sounds like the plot of a sci-fi B-movie, but there is a group of scientists who have always had a morbid curiosity about how the brain works, especially the brain of genes! However, Einstein suspected that this would happen to him posthumously, so he expressly forbade it.

After examining Einstein’s body at Princeton Hospital, Harvey decided to remove his brain and bring it home for future study. Harvey then divided the brain into 240 pieces and stored them in two glass bottles filled with celloidin.

Strange Stories Around The World

Fresh from Einstein’s cremation, his son, Hans Albert, discovered the theft and was horrified to find out what Harvey had done. However, Harvey still managed to hold onto the brain for several decades.

The Man Who Tasted Words: A Neurologist Explores The Strange And Startling World Of Our Senses

The consequences? He lost his job at Princeton Hospital and his marriage. But that didn’t stop Harvey from continuing his research and hiding parts of the brain among his curious scientist friends across the country.

Strange Stories Around The World

Today, what remains of Einstein’s brain can be found at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center in New Jersey. And not surprisingly, it continues to confound scientists around the world.

The First World War was a terrible and disturbing war that claimed the lives of 40 million people and acted as a catalyst for events to unfold in the following decades. But in all the chaos of war, one of the most striking moments has to be the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Strange Stories Around The World

Legends And Strange Stories Related To The World Of Wine

Tensions were high between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Serbian nationalists when Ferdinand and his wife visited Sarajevo in June 1914. Five years earlier, the Austro-Hungarian Empire had annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Which many Serbian nationalists saw as a moment to unite and liberate Yugoslavia.

Student activists rose up in the wake of these tensions and founded organizations such as Young Bosnia. Their purpose? To end Austro-Hungarian control. But then, a terrorist organization known as the Black Hand (with ties to the Serbian military) joined forces with Young Bosnia, tightening their collective grip.

Strange Stories Around The World

Despite warnings from the Austro-Hungarian government, Ferdinand and his wife traveled to Sarajevo in hopes of easing tensions. However, the Bosnian youths saw this as an opportunity to assassinate him and cause devastating consequences for the Austro-Hungarian government. It didn’t help that Ferdinand’s route was published before his visit!

Qui Nyugen And Don Hall Interview: Directing, Making Disney’s Strange World, Three Legged Dogs And 1976’s King Kong

Fast forward to June 28, 1914. Seven members of the Bosnian Youth were waiting to attract Ferdinand’s motorcade. Nedeljko Cabrinovic targeted Ferdinand’s convertible with an incendiary device that shot, exploded and injured two soldiers in one of the vehicles behind.

Strange Stories Around The World

Then fate intervened. On their way to visit the wounded soldiers, Ferdinand and his entourage stopped right in front of a deli where Gavrilo Princip, a member of Young Bosnia, was staying. Princip drew his pistol, fired two shots and seconds later Ferdinand and his wife lay dead. This moment is the catalyst that led to World War I, all because Ferdinand’s chauffeur took a wrong turn.

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Strange Stories Around The World

Strange True Stories Of Louisiana

Monster Tales: Tales of Strange Creatures and Terrifying Animals from Around the World Monster Tales: Tales of Strange Creatures and Terrifying Animals from Around the World

Monstrous Tales is a collection of traditional folktales about enchanting and bloodthirsty creatures. Translated and transcribed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these stories celebrate the diversity and surprising resonances between folk traditions from around the world. Welcome to a world of magical adventures: a mysterious wolf chases a groom through a dark forest, a princess is trapped in the body of a monster, and a dragon comes storming in its wake. • Stories come to life with the captivating contemporary art of Chinese illustrator Sija Hong. • Each story transports readers to a different and fascinating world. • Part of the popular Tales series, which includes Tales of Japan, Celtic Tales and Tales of India. As readers wander from Japan to Nigeria and Ireland to Guyana, they will witness deadly bargains, heroic deeds and otherworldly journeys. Contains stories from Australia, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Sioux Nation, Guyana, Iceland, India, Inuit Nunangat, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Philippines, Isleta Pueblo, Scotland, South Africa, Syria, Turkey and Ukraine. • An illustrated special edition, complete with an embossed and textured holder and a ribbon bookmark • Perfect gift for lovers of fairy tales and folklore, monsters and creatures, collectors of illustrated classics, adults and teenagers and bibliophiles • A visually stunning book that will be at home on your bookshelf or coffee table. Zoe Robertson Staff Writer Zoe Robertson is a writer of horror fiction and a lover of bizarre books, translated literature and vampires. View all posts by Zoe Robertson

Strange Stories Around The World

When I find myself bewildered by the world around me, an experience I’m sure most of us have, I tend to try and find the weirdest piece of fiction I can find. I want something that will leave me sitting in stunned silence when it’s done, or rush me to call a friend to rave about it; something that takes me so completely out of the real world that I forget the endless news alerts, the growing pile of unwashed mugs in the sink and the unpredictability of the coming weeks. Escaping our strange world into more unfamiliar worlds is a common practice, and I think the sense of closure these books can provide is comforting. So, if you too are looking for a crazy portal to other worlds, here is a list of strange stories and unconventional tales that are deliciously different and completely captivating.

Mind Boggling Natural Phenomena Around The World

Working hard as a cleaner and prostitute in a post-apocalyptic Dominican Republic, Acilde is eager to save money to afford testosterone as well as top and bottom surgery. However, when a wealthy employer dies suddenly, leaving behind a mythical sea anemone with mysterious powers, Acilde is transported back in time and tasked with saving the Caribbean from its bleak future. Meanwhile, a selfish man experiences two reality timelines simultaneously – his own and the colonial-era one – and struggles to find safety in both. An energetic and chaotic exploration of colonialism, gender, climate change and destiny,

Strange Stories Around The World

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