Temp In Alaska Right Now

Temp In Alaska Right Now – [1/2] St. A harbor seal rests on the north coast of George, Alaska, USA, on May 22, 2021. Hundreds of thousands of seals spend the summer in San Jorge every year. /Nathan Howard acquires licensing rights

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Dec. 28 (2019) – Alaska’s unusually warm winter brought daytime temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) and heavy rain at a time of year that is usually accompanied by bitter cold and snow. .

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Tide gauge temperatures in the Kodiak Island community reached 67 degrees F (19.4 degrees Celsius) Sunday, the lowest December ever recorded in Alaska, said Rick Thoman, a scientist with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy. It reached its highest value.

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Thoman said the new standards include 65 degrees at Kodiak Airport, a record 62 degrees in the Cold Bay region of the Alaska Peninsula, and at least eight days in December above 50 degrees in towns in the Aleutian Islands. , was realized in the extreme warmth of December. In Unalaska, the temperature was 56 degrees, making it the warmest Christmas in Alaska’s history.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

The most severe immediate human impact comes from heavy rains in interior Alaska, where the Fairbanks area was hit by the worst midwinter storm since 1937, Thoman said.

December is typically a dry month in interior Alaska because the cold air cannot hold much moisture. Thoman, who lives in Fairbanks, said that whatever moisture arrives “it tends to be soft dust because the air is nice and cold.”

Temp In Alaska Right Now

In Changing Climate, Alaska Faces Risk Of Extreme Precipitation

So much snow has fallen that on Sunday it covered the roof of a grocery store in Delta Junction, a town 90 miles (153 kilometers) southeast of Fairbanks.

Perhaps even worse, heavy rain followed by heavy snow covered local communities in ice, causing widespread power outages and closures of major roads and offices, earning it the nickname Icemageddon.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Works warns that a cement-like coating of ice that has formed on roads will leave them hazardous for an extended period of time.

Climate & Weather In Inside Passage Alaska

“Ice is extremely difficult once it sticks to the road surface. Even though the temperatures were warm during #icemageddon2021, the roads were below freezing, which caused the ice to stick to the road surface,” the agency said on Twitter.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Thoman said warm, wet midwinter weather has been occurring more frequently in Alaska over the past 20 years than usual, a sign of climate change. “This is exactly what we expect in a warming world,” he said.

The story is similar in other parts of the North, where winter rains are dangerous for humans and foraging animals such as caribou and musk oxen, which struggle when ground ice covers their food sources. These challenges are expected to increase further.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Deep Cold: Alaska Weather & Climate: November 2014

A study published last month in the journal Nature Communications predicts that the Arctic climate will become wetter in the winter starting around 2060 or 2070.

Alaska will still experience a cold winter — temperatures in Fairbanks this weekend are expected to drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 degrees Celsius) — but warmer, wetter winters are likely in the future. It will become commonplace, Thoman said.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

He added, “There is no doubt that the possibility of this happening is increasing as global warming progresses.” People sunbathe at Goose Lake in Anchorage, Alaska, on June 17, 2013, as a heat wave grips the state. Mark Thiessen / AP File

Water Mission To Gauge Alaskan Rivers On Front Lines Of Climate Change

Alaska could experience high temperatures over the next few days as a giant heat dome is constructed in the region, causing higher temperatures than ever recorded in the state.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

An unusual heat wave is expected to bring highs of 87 degrees or higher for five days from July 4th to July 8th.

“Record or near-record high temperatures are expected each day” in its short-term forecast for southcentral Alaska, the National Weather Service said Wednesday.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Baked Alaska: Record High Temperatures Expected During ‘unusual’ Heat Wave

The agency added that temperatures through Friday could match or exceed the highest temperature recorded at Anchorage International Airport on June 14, 1969. The weather bureau’s forecast said.

The current record for Alaska’s largest city could be beaten by several days, said Brian Brettschneider, a climate researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

“It’s very possible that we’ll exceed the highest temperature ever recorded in Anchorage for three or four days in a row,” Brettschneider said. “That’s the definition of abnormal.”

As Permafrost Thaws, The Ground Beneath Alaska Is Collapsing

Hot air is caused by a bulge of high pressure air covering the situation.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

“As air is forced and forced into one place, the air parcel ends up becoming heavier and sinking,” Brettschneider said. “This sinking motion prevents cloud formation and pushes warmer temperatures to the surface, keeping it sunny.”

The extreme temperatures come after Alaska’s driest June on record and the state’s hottest June on record, he added. The heatwave in the northern states comes on the heels of record heatwaves that have hit Western Europe, France, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Alaska In February: A Complete Guide To Visiting In Winter

Like other weather events, heat waves are caused by a complex interplay of factors, but Fairbanks-based climate scientist Rick Thoman said climate change is also playing a role.

“In a world that is warming, the likelihood of extreme weather events like this is becoming much more likely,” Thoman said. “Climate change isn’t causing it, but it’s helping. When other parts line up, like high pressure over the state and very high sea surface temperatures, all the parts come together to make these extremes , or an unprecedented event is very likely to occur.”

Temp In Alaska Right Now

So far, the pieces are falling into place to deal with the unpleasant situation in the southern part of the state, especially in areas where the center of the warm air mass is moving.

From Wa To Alaska, Coastal Tribes Face Displacement With Insufficient Financial Help

“Our homes are built to retain heat because we’re a winter state, not a summer state,” Brettschneider said. “We don’t have central air conditioning, so we rely on air conditioning at night for peace of mind. But we also have 19 hours of daylight today, so imagine 19 hours of sunlight hitting your windows.” On December 6th, northern Alaska experienced unprecedented temperatures that were nearly 40 degrees higher than normal for a whole day. (weatherbell.com)

Temp In Alaska Right Now

The city of Utchagvik in Alaska’s far north recorded the hottest November-March period on record, with the mercury rising to 40 degrees Celsius on Monday, 36 degrees above normal.

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Temp In Alaska Right Now

In Alaska, Warmer Temperatures Tied To Bird Deaths

This record high temperature was 6 degrees warmer than the next December record in more than 100 years. This is a new abnormal weather phenomenon in a region where warming is progressing rapidly due to human-induced climate change.

“For an observatory that has been observing for over 100 years, breaking monthly records on the 6th floor and breaking seasonal records on the 4th floor is extremely important,” said Rick Thoman, an Alaska-based climate scientist. wrote in an email. He noted that Monday was “the only day in December when temperatures were above freezing” in Utčagvik, formerly known as Barrow.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Who turned on the thermostat? Utchagvik recorded the hottest day ever in December, breaking his 34°F record set in 1932. This temperature was also his hottest day from October 20 to April 22, surpassing his previous record of 39°F in November 1937. #akwx pic.twitter.com/ya90r7ZXKN — NWS Fairbanks (@NWSFairbanks) December 5, 2022

Near Real Time Temperatures From The Bering Sea Bottom Trawl Survey 2023

The extreme temperatures come more than two weeks after the recent heat wave ended and the sun last shined on the city, which is more than 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The sun will not rise again until the end of January. Despite being in complete darkness, cities and many parts of the Arctic Circle have been experiencing unseasonably warm air in recent days.

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Record-breaking temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s spread across Alaska’s North Slope on Monday. Toman pointed out that in Umiat, about 170 kilometers southeast of Utchagvi, December temperatures have reached the 40s since at least World War II.

High temperature on Monday, December 5th, 430 degrees to 430 degrees AKST. Most of the temperatures in the upper 30s/low 40s are probably the highest ever recorded for December, but the only long-term observations are in Utchačvik and Umiat. Record levels have not been reached on the eastern Nuiqst coast. #akwx #Arctic @Climatologist49 pic.twitter.com/YppxPtYog7 — Rick Thoman (@AlaskaWx) December 6, 2022

Temp In Alaska Right Now

Storm Has Shifted Toward Se Alaska And Significant Snow Is No Longer Expected For Southcentral Alaska

Some of the warmth across the region is in an area of ​​low pressure to the west and high pressure to the south. Before the cold front arrived, these pressures carried unusually warm air north, causing temperatures to drop below freezing.

Thoman also pointed to the open waters of the Chukchi Sea west of Alaska’s North Slope as contributing to the warmth. of

Temp In Alaska Right Now

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