Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Temperature In Tampa Right Now – ST. PETERSBURG, FL. — Summer, heat and humidity are nothing in Florida, but this year has been very warm

July 2nd marks the halfway point of 2023, giving us a good chance to look back on the weather for the first half of the year. The numbers aren’t too surprising. Tampa experiences the 7th driest year and the 2nd warmest average temperature.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

The only year to start warmer than this year was last year, with 2022 being the warmest year on record for Tampa. Other cities in the region are also feeling the heat. Sarasota is tied for the warmest average temperature on record and Lakeland is having its warmest year on record.

Southwest Heat Dome Expected To Break Dozens Of Record Highs

This number is not expected to decrease! In fact, record hot temperatures are likely for the next few days. Tampa’s warmest high this year is 94 degrees.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

High temperatures are expected to be in the upper-mid 90s Thursday through the weekend.

A heat advisory has been issued from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday for domestic locations. A heat index of 109 degrees is possible. There is a good chance that more heat warnings will be required for the region in the coming days.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Ef1 Tornado Confirmed In Pinellas County After Severe Weather Rolled Through Tampa Bay Area

The best chance to see record temperatures will be Friday and Saturday. And it won’t go away — the Climate Prediction Center predicts above-average temperatures for the first two weeks of July. As temperatures rise again into triple digits, the question is why are we so hot? ?!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Needless to say, it’s hot outside – it’s Florida. In the summer.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

However, many heat warnings have been issued in the recent and coming days and it is actually getting hotter than normal. And the rising heat has many people asking, “Why is it so hot in Florida?”

The Truth About Tampa Bay’s Decline & Rise Of Red Tide

After the stagnation in the Gulf of Mexico, our forecast is dominated by an area of ​​high pressure. This high pressure acts as a heat dome and you may be wondering what that means. High pressure involves sinking air and compresses the air column above us, heating it up.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Sinking air movement blocks or suppresses the formation of rain. Lack of rain and clouds prevented any significant relief from the heat. High pressure will also block low pressure or storm systems with significant rain heading our way.

Also, we have the Gulf Sea breeze, which means the wind blows from the west. When we have the Gulf Coast air that usually brings dryness to Florida’s west coast, that means less rain to cool us and more heat. Sea breezes from the Persian Gulf bring us storms that quickly push eastward toward the central and eastern parts of the peninsula.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Stuck Jet Stream Bring Blowtorch December To Lower 48, Frigid Alaska

Basically, the heat dome gives us warmer air and the westerly air gives us more humid air. This dangerous combination of heat and humidity gives us a heat warning.

We are under a heat warning until 19:00 today. Due to our temperature being between 108-112 degrees.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

So if you’re wondering why it’s getting so hot, there are a few things to consider, but be prepared, more heat is coming! We can tie or break more records the rest of this week!ST. Petersburg, Fla. – Needless to say, Tampa Bay has been hot. According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the summer of 2023 was the warmest in Florida.

Water Is Refreshing In The Heat, Right? In Parts Of Florida This Past Week, Not So Much

With boiling temperatures, you’re probably wondering when we’ll see some relief. It’s coming, even if it’s not noticeable for a while.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Starting September 15th, the average temperature should drop from 91 degrees to 90 degrees. While this doesn’t sound like a big change, it’s just the beginning of a steady drop in temperature that begins during the meteorological fall that officially begins on September 1st.

But don’t get too excited just yet—you won’t see much change for the rest of September, with average highs only dropping another degree toward the end of the month.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

Higher Temperatures Mean Higher Energy Use And Higher Bills

It could all be a little different, though, depending on what happens with El Nino. In general, El Niño patterns are above average temperatures.

According to the Climate Prediction Center’s latest forecast, the Tampa Bay area has a 42 percent chance of normal temperatures and a 25 percent chance of below normal temperatures this fall.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

But the cool trend really starts in October. In fact, we had our biggest drop in average temperature this month — from an average of 89 degrees at the beginning of the month to 82 degrees at the end of the month.

Fl Will Feel Like 112 Degrees, Heat Advisory Issued For State

The last months of fall bring cooler temperatures. November is the first month since March that average highs return to the 70s! Average high temperatures drop from 82 degrees in early November to 76 degrees in late November.

Temperature In Tampa Right Now

And the driest month of the year is still ahead. August is typically the wettest month in Tampa, with an average of more than 9 inches of rain. Even September can get wet with an average of 6 inches of rain.

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