Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

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I am excited about how much we loved our six month trip to Western Australia and everyone visiting Aus needs to go west and not just stay on the east coast of Oz.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

And this also applies to Perth, the capital of WA. Although it is a relatively young city, it is constantly growing and there are so many things to do in Perth.

Best Beaches In Western Australia By A Perth Local

Whether you’re passing through for a few days or looking for a city break, Perth has plenty of attractions to keep you busy for at least 2-3 days.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

If you’re not sure what to do in Perth, read on to see my favorite activities, places to visit and things to do.

Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Perth! Here are some of the top tours, hotels, and useful things you need before your trip!

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

The Best Things To Do In Perth With Kids

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Perth’s city center has been revitalized over the years, adding more cafes, restaurants and especially the small bar scene, and the monster waterfront development, which looks like a mini version of Darling Harbor in Sydney, will certainly do a lot for the city contribute . .

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Perth is a charming setting on the Swan River and close to some stunning beaches that are less crowded than their east coast counterparts, which also add to the massive appeal.

Elizabeth Quay In Perth Central Business District

Add the crazy sports culture of the AFL, which unfortunately I couldn’t watch a match, and the cricket at the famous WACA in Perth makes for a great short break, or to have a base for an extended trip to Western Australia.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

With its incredibly sunny weather, relaxed atmosphere, and continued growth as a city, it’s definitely worth a visit.

We didn’t stay long in the city itself, but I’m sure we’ll come again. Below are my top picks for things to do in Perth!

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

The Top 5 Ultimate Things To Do In Perth

Kings Park has a stunning location overlooking the Swan River and offers stunning views of the Perth city skyline.

The park covers more than 400 hectares and is the largest indoor city park in the southern hemisphere, and is even larger than New York’s Central Park.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Walk under the trees on the raised bridge, wander the paths, the botanical gardens, the open grassy areas and picnic under the gum trees. For food and drink there is also a kiosk, the Botanical Cafe and Fraser’s Restaurant.

West Coast Australia: Top 15 Highlights To See

Kings Park also has several large playgrounds for the children to enjoy with cafes attached for that valuable takeaway coffee while they play. If you are looking for things to do in Perth with kids, pack a picnic, kite or Frisbee and play in this park.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

If you come to Perth in September, this is the time when Perth’s famous wildflowers are in bloom, and they are spectacular in this park.

The sunsets in Perth are legendary. If you’ve never seen a sunset over the ocean, Western Australia is where it’s at.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Travel Guide To Perth, Australia

Cottesloe is a beach-side suburb about 15 minutes’ drive from the Perth CBD and one of the best places to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

Cottesloe’s crystal clear waters make it a popular spot for swimming, snorkelling and surfing and a great place for families to picnic under the shady Norfolk pines. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Perth with kids.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Perth is a city for walking. It’s flat, with wide streets and walkways, and one of the best ways to visit any new destination is on foot to get your bearings and insider tips from an experienced local.

Living In Perth

I walked Perth with two feet in a heartbeat as we walked the city streets and lanes of the CBD talking about the city’s history, culture, heritage and colorful past and experiencing the attractions on and off the tourist trail.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

You will enjoy a stunning view of the city skyline, the many sailboats, and admire some of the most expensive real estate in the country – mining has treated Perth well.

Rottnest Island is incredible. Located 18 kilometers from the coast, it is a premier island resort with more than 60 beautiful beaches and coves.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Fun Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Perth, Australia

Rotto, as the locals call it, is best explored by bike, there are no cars on the island, making it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Other activities on the island include tennis, golf, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving.

Take a short ferry ride. Our favorite white sand beaches are Basin and Pinky Beach. And get close to the cute little marsupial quokka, only found in Western Australia.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Perth has some beautiful city beaches such as Scarborough, Cottesloe, City Beach, Trigg, Sorento, and Leighton, but Perth can be quite windy in the afternoon.

Things To Do In Perth

At 14:00, the famous Fremantle Doctor Breeze blows into the Indian Ocean, making your beach day a bit unpleasant.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

So if you go to one of Perth’s beautiful beaches, make it a morning event, unless you go at midnight to watch one of those magical sunsets.

Grab your snorkel mask before you go, because you can see some colorful fish swimming here on the white sand coast.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Really Fun Things To Do At Elizabeth Quay Perth (2023)

I’m still trying to figure out if the historic seaport of Fremantle is a suburb of Perth or its own city? Help me! But I know it makes for a great day trip.

Fremantle is just 30 minutes from the city of Perth and is full of cafes, bars, seafood restaurants and known as ‘

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Grab a coffee on the Cappuccino Strip, wander the markets, visit the old jail, and don’t miss Little Creatures Brewery on the water for delicious wood-fired pizzas and great craft beer.

The 10 Absolute Best Things To Do In Fremantle

I’ve never been to a performance at the Perth Concert Hall myself, but I’ve been there a few times, and I’ve read that the acoustics are incredible – better than the Sydney Opera House.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

It also hosts various famous artists and performances here. You can see an orchestra or a stand-up comic, there are all kinds of things going on here, so it’s one of the best things to do at night in Perth.

Past performers include Michael Buble, BB King and of course the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra, who perform regularly.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Panda Picks: Top 10 Best Spots & Towns To Visit In Western Australia

The Greenhouse, on St George’s Terrace, is one of Perth’s hottest restaurants. Firstly, architecturally it is a very interesting building and the concept is about running better places for people and the whole place is dedicated to sustainability.

The exterior of the building is clad in corrugated iron by a vertical garden with approximately 4,000 terracotta pots filled with ivy and strawberry plants.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

It has 420 straw bales on its walls and ceiling, a roof garden that provides produce for the kitchen and bar, and recycled furniture throughout.

The 50 Best Things To Do In Perth

Perth is the sunniest city and enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other city in Australia: 3,000 hours a year and 8.8 hours a day.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

To make the most of this sunshine, head to one of the city’s top parks for a picnic or play on the lawns. Apart from Kings Park, another great place to play and bask in the sun is the South Perth Foreshore Park, which is located on the other side of the Swan River and has a panoramic view of the city, plus a large green lawn to play on .

The sun is one reason why you will find the locals living an active lifestyle walking, cycling, and enjoying the many parks and beaches. Do as much as you can!

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Epic Things To Do In Margaret River [2023]

Perth offers a relaxed and easy lifestyle surrounded by the Swan River, Kings Park and endless stretches of beautiful beaches.

Compared to Australia’s other big cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Perth has fewer people and a slower pace of life.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

Although rush hour traffic can be heavy and starts earlier than usual, around 14:00, which coincides with the 17:00 working hours on the east coast of Australia. Something to be aware of.

Perth Budget Travel Guide (updated 2023)

Perth has experienced economic and social growth with many new developments and cultural surroundings emerging. Especially the small bar scene and new restaurants.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

If you enjoy small, cozy bars with an intimate vibe, go to CBD bars. Some bars I like are Helvetica and Laneway GemAndaluz.

Also in town is 399 Bar with a decadent vibe. In the hip district of Northbridge there is Ezra Pound Bar and The Bird Wine Bar, which also has a classic atmosphere.

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

A Perfect 7 Day Journey In Western Australia

Hillarys is a wonderful Boat Harbor development with lots going on. There are plenty of attractions to keep the kids happy with the swimming beach, water slide, playground, trampoline and mini golf.

For our parents there are a number of cafes, shops, restaurants, cycle paths and all the boating and water activities. Spend an hour or a whole day

Things To Do In Western Australia Perth

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