Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon – Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Hollywood celebrities on the TMZ Celebrity Tour brought to you by Big Bus Tours in exclusive partnership with the popular celebrity news and entertainment site TMZ!

Please note: TMZ tours depart from the Hard Rock Cafe (6801 Hollywood Blvd). You must check inside the Hard Rock at the TMZ kiosk. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Join the amazing TMZ Celebrity Tour guides and see REAL Hollywood on a 2-hour TMZ Celebrity Tour. The tour travels through Hollywood, West Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, and Beverly Hills, and your entertainment guide points out the star spots made famous by TMZ over the past decade and finds some of the original stars. Opportunity presents itself! Tours take place in traditional luxury tour buses, complete with screens showing the latest TMZ entertainment news, leather seats, state-of-the-art audio/video systems, air conditioning/heating, and phone chargers and outlets at every seat (so You’ll never forget this famous selfie!). And that’s not all – you’ll also have a chance to win exclusive TMZ prizes during the tour!

The Biltmore Los Angeles

TMZ’s Celebrity Tour is led by great guides who are experts in celebrity culture, with insider information about your favorite celebrities and the places they like to visit. Along the way, your TMZ guide will tell you stories, play games and interact with travelers while using videos created by the TMZ team to help introduce you to the history of each location. Guides will also introduce you to how TMZ breaks some of the biggest stories in celebrity news and what it’s like to be at the forefront of the celebrity news business. TMZ handlers are always on the lookout and ready for action to interview any celebrity we see along the way – they’re equipped with video cameras to send footage straight to the TMZ newsroom!

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

TMZ’s celebrity tour passes the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, Sunset Strip, Sunset Plaza, Chateau Marmont, Sunset “Rock” Strip, Melrose Strip, Beverly Hills and the best of West Hollywood. Along the way, your guide will point out the places where TMZ broke some of its biggest stories, where celebrities eat, drink, party and shop, and where popular reality shows are filmed. While celebrity sightings can’t be 100% guaranteed, TMZ’s guide knows all the hot spots, giving you the best chance to see the stars IRL!

TMZ Celebrity Tours depart from the Hard Rock Cafe (6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 105, Los Angeles CA 90028) at 10:30am, 1:30pm or 4:00pm. You must check in at the kiosk inside Hard Rock before your tour. Arrive 15 minutes before departure time (selected during booking). The journey duration is 2 hours (approx). The tour is in English. Tours are wheelchair accessible, but please contact Big Bus Tours before booking for specific ADA compliant vehicle travel times. Alcohol is not allowed, but you can bring in ‘bottled’ food and drinks. Tips are always appreciated but never required. Cameras are welcome, but TMZ screen recording is not allowed.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Mom And Daughter Planned ‘beautiful Day’ Before Deadly Plane Crash

Big Bus Tours is the world’s largest open-top bus tour operator, offering sightseeing tours in 22 cities on four continents. 11:31am PT – There was apparently some sort of altercation during the incident and the LAPD is on scene with a report.

A popular tour bus driver was fired on Saturday after allegedly using the n-word at someone.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

When the accident happened on Saturday morning, the flight had not yet taken off and there were no passengers on board. The driver was not an employee — he worked for Special Livery Service, the company that owns the rental bus.

Tmz, Turning The Famous Infamous For 10 Years: Menon

We were in touch with the owner of the bus company, who told us that the driver was quickly fired for his unacceptable behavior.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon


$130,000 Exclusive Rick Ross Case Gift Billing 💍 … I’m Old!!! 4/25/2023 12:20 AM PT

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Fox Entertainment Buys Celebrity News Outlet Tmz

Exclusive Aaron Hernandez’s brother cuts deal with prosecutors…dismisses reckless driving case 4/25/2023 12:10 PM PT

AJ McLean Working on my demons during my divorce…marriage would be better!!! 4/24/2023 at 4:30 pm PT

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Breaking News Nam Udoka Named Rockets Head Coach 7 Months After Celtics Scandal 4/24/2023 3:27 PM PT

Man Shot At Us High School Basketball Match As Terrified Young Children Flee Court

Ice Space & The Pink Panthers Collab Pt. 2 … Like New Skim Cam Key Models!!! 4/24/2023 1:16 PM PT

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Canadian actor Saint-Van Colosse dies after 12 plastic surgeries … trying to look like BTS star 4/24/2023 11:05 AM PTCopyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

Tourists go on a TMZ Hollywood tour in 2012. TMZ and Starline Travel are fighting in court over revenue from this joint venture.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Shawn Mendes Cancelling His Tour Until The Toronto Show Due To The Impact On His Mental Health.

As far as divorces go, it’s ugly even by Tinseltown standards: TMZ’s celebrity news operation called for Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies to raid ex-boyfriend Starlin Torres’ Hollywood Boulevard offices to collect a judgment obtained by TMZ.

The attack is the latest chapter in a legal dispute between TMZ and Starline, a sightseeing company with about 150 buses and a history dating back to the 1960s.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

“It’s unfortunate that we had to get involved with law enforcement, but it was the only way for Starline to pay at least a portion of what we’ve been owed for a long time,” said Jason Beckerman, TMZ’s legal representative. lawyer

Private Hollywood Film Studios & Tmz Tour In Los Angeles: Book Tours & Activities At

The two companies teamed up six years ago to launch celebrity tours that take tourists to places where famous people eat, drink and make headlines. TMZ will provide a travel guide, complete with celebrity news and gossip, and Starline will provide the buses.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

In addition to the dispute, the two companies also clashed over who should pay the legal costs of defending the celebrity tour against allegations of labor violations by former bus drivers.

TMZ claimed in legal filings that Starline refused to take responsibility for defending TMZ in the lawsuit, even though the partnership agreement required Starline to defend TMZ.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Betty White’s Los Angeles Home Demolished, New Mansion Likely Coming

An arbitrator ruled that Starline should be liable for legal fees and ordered the tour bus company to pay $201,000 in legal fees and other costs to TMZ defending itself in the employment dispute.

To collect the money, TMZ put a levy on Starline Tours’ bank account and asked deputies to pick up cash at the tour operator’s headquarters behind the TCL Chinese Theater.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Footage of the raid shows two sheriff’s deputies entering the Star Line offices and leaving with a plastic bag allegedly filled with cash as tourists look on.

Mayhem On The Tmz Bus Tour

Starline Tours CEO Kami Farhadi told TMZ there is no need to contact the sheriff’s office because Starline is willing to pay all judgments with a cashier’s check.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

The box office is not settling the original legal battle over revenue collected by Starline during its joint tour bus operations.

The dispute began about two years ago when Starline failed to pay TMZ its share of the revenue split over a two-year period, according to TMZ’s lawsuit against Starline in March.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Best Bus Tours Near Alvand Transportation In Glendale, Ca

Due to the late payments, TMZ gave Starline a 60-day notice to end the partnership on February 11, according to the lawsuit. But Starline continued to sell tickets to TMZ’s tour after the 60-day period, TMZ’s lawsuit alleged.

Starline’s attorneys argued that TMZ had failed to show “good cause” to terminate the agreement and therefore created a “non-compete” in the agreement, which required TMZ to do business with the tour buses for at least two years. prohibits from

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

Starline has since stopped operating buses for TMZ, which has contracted with a local livery service to arrange viewings.

The Tmz Tour

Hugo Martin is an associate editor on the Fast Break Desk, the breaking news team of the Los Angeles Times. He has been a reporter for the Los Angeles Times for more than 30 years, covering politics, transportation, travel, business and the outdoors. Born in California, Martin was part of Metro’s Pulitzer Prize-winning staff in 1993, 1995 and 1998. He is an avid outdoorsman, proud father and Lakers fan. The 10 people in the TMZ Hollywood tour van looked at each other in dismay. But Adrian Camille, their highly caffeinated guide in late August, didn’t wait for an answer. “Well, we know Hugh Grant does, and here on this corner he was caught with one in his car.” Miss Camille said happily.

Tmz Tour Los Angeles Groupon

One passenger, an Australian lawyer, craned his neck to get a better view. Others, including a ten-year-old girl, watched in silence. With those words, TMZ’s Cheri Redwyn drove into traffic and headed to the hotel where Paris Hilton filmed the sex tape, where

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