Top Greek Islands To Visit

Top Greek Islands To Visit – Ancient temples, underwater worlds and plenty of entertainment, the Greek islands offer unforgettable family adventures with dreamy beaches close at hand

The Greeks have a saying: “Family is not the main thing – it is everything.” So it’s no wonder that wherever you go, the locals will be happy to welcome you and your children. Add guaranteed sunshine, golden sandy beaches and mezze-style food perfect for little fingers, and it’s easy to see why travelers return to the nation’s 227 inhabited islands year after year. Each hotel has a slightly different character, so whether you want noise or silence, there’s an island to suit you. Look forward to lazy days by the pool with the chance to bring your school lessons to life in the ancient palace and amphitheater. These are the best Greek islands for family vacations.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Top Greek Islands To Visit

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Top 7 Greek Islands You Must Visit

So perfect that it seems almost imaginary. Kefalonia isn’t your typical Greek family island – it’s wilder and more mountainous than many others – but it also has small coves with steps down to the sapphire blue sea and beach bars where you can have a seat outside of summer. Visitors traditionally stay in the southern resorts near the capital Argostoli and Lassi, but the north around Fiskardo is an insider’s secret – a quiet corner of the country, where picture-postcard villages give way to gorgeous unspoiled bays. Renting a car is essential in order to do justice to the island. The natural resort of Emelisse, north of Fiskardo, is a short walk from the blue beach of Emplisse.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

If the Cyclades are the most dream holiday destination in Greece, Naxos is a no-party destination, with family-friendly hotels and plenty of PG-friendly activities. It’s inevitable to list the beaches here as outstanding—there are more than 60 miles of them on the island—and yet many are worth checking out because they’re level, accessible, and have lifeguards. The beaches of St George, Agios Prokopios and Plaka are attractive for curved spots, while for more of a bounce, nearby Chora offers horse riding and Laguna Beach is great for windsurfing and extremely safe water. Naxos Palace Hotel has a children’s only pool, spa, bike rental and shared facilities with the Naxos Equestrian Club.

If you like a family kitchen disco, then this island in the Sporades is for you and your paratroopers. Where is this

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Beautiful Islands In Greece You Have To Visit

Was filmed, and its ultramarine coves, lonely churches and fluffy sands have room to roam, now that the film’s hype is long dead. Apart from the movie-perfect beaches, boating and water sports, visiting the islands is a treat here: “Give, give, give” day trips to Skiathos and Alonissos with a seemingly endless marine park that is the largest in Europe. Skopelos Village Hotel, where the stars are

In recent years, beloved Corfu has experienced a second birth, and the island, which for so long shouldered the burden of package holidays, is now busy with boutique hotels, tasting menus and wellness trends. What hasn’t changed is the Venetian history, family friendly beaches and fantastic towns, especially on the north coast. The island is a great choice for day trips. Let the children play king of the castle in the Old Fortress; soft on the beaches of Paleokastritsa, Canal d’Amour or Avlaki; Sail to the nearby island of Paxos to meet the local monk seals; or immerse yourself in the secrets of the monastery of Blacherna. Dome of Corfu with its child-first philosophy and compelling sustainability agenda.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

While Zakynthos and Corfu continue to chase the tourist pound, this southwestern corner of the Ionian Sea remains full of smaller satellites with shingle beaches and tangled olive groves. One such place is the back-to-basics Meganisi off the coast of Lefkada. Tourism here is in its infancy and, with the exception of the two port towns of Vathi and Spilia, this is Greece as it was in the 1960s – students still travel to Lefkada to go to school. The attitude to life is easy and apart from beach combing, swimming and pony rides there is thankfully little else to do. Villa Eugenia, a hidden five-bed retreat overlooking the lesser-known islands of Skorpios and Maduri.

Six Undiscovered Greek Islands To Explore This Summer

Most families head to the Dodecanese to visit Rhodes, but if there are plenty of golden beaches, they can hang out; not so in neighboring Halki. It’s the smallest inhabited island in the archipelago, with just one proper hotel, yet the imagination sparkles with a Crusader-built castle, Popeye-style captain’s houses and beaches accessible by boat. Here you won’t find a water park or exciting entertainment, but you will find peace and an incredible pace in spades. The Aretanassa Hotel overlooks the horseshoe bay of the capital Emborios and is the olive branch of a strip of waterfront taverns.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Everyone knows the great attackers of the Cyclades. But for a family holiday that is more relaxed and cheaper than Mykonos or Santorini, this little place has many comet beaches. There are a number of sandy beaches, a cliff-edge monastery, an archaeological museum and exquisite kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving. Your kids won’t mind, but French director Luc Besson has scored

Here the seascape remains cinematic as always. Aegialis Hotel & Spa is located between two beaches and has outdoor and indoor pools for the rare rainy days.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2023

Although travelers are obsessed with the Cyclades, it’s worth remembering that many islands are hardly spoiled for beaches and activities for children. Sifnos is different: lazy sand for every day of summer, about 125 miles of hiking trails for older kids, and a long history of pottery, and pottery workshops are part of the family vacation. Boat trips cost ten pence and for those interested in ancient history there is an acropolis on monster hill in the shape of St Andreas. Verina Terra, a bohemian-chic beach outpost next to Platys Gialos, the island’s largest beach.

It may be the smallest of the seven main Ionian islands to visit, but size doesn’t matter in Greece. Here you can take a boat trip to see a variety of pebbly beaches, church-shaped towns and harbors with narrow yachts without the fear of straying too far from the dock. And what a place you can discover even inside the country: to earn ice cream, wander between the three cities of Lakka, Longos and Gaios. The last tip takes you to the nearby island of Antipaxos, which provides the kind of Ionic magic that will make you giddy with excitement. Paxos Club Resort, in Gaios, with spa, swimming pool and, most importantly, boat hire for island hopping.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Family vacations are a breeze on this Dodecanese island north of Rhodes. Because of its lesser-known status, much of the appeal lies in its quaint beaches that require a water taxi to reach. The only thing more ubiquitous than an empty sandy beach is the view of a magical blue bay that is impossible to swim in. Along the coast, the amphitheater city of Symi is a colorful drum of giant Lego bricks, with ancient ruins and hiking trails inland to explore. And if the kids fancy something a little more action-packed, a quick trip to Mythos in Rhodes is the perfect solution. Lapetos Village features palm-lined gardens, a swimming pool and family rooms set among a cluster of neoclassical buildings.

The 12 Hottest Greek Islands In October Calling You

No list would be complete without Greece’s largest island. Think of Crete and it comes to mind as a land of Minoan temples and Venetian harbors, with archaeological sites filling the gaps in between. It has a wealth of faded grandeur, even though the island is so famous these days for car rental companies and all-inclusive hotels. And yet, because it has a little bit of everything, it provides everything you want. Quiet beaches and coves for first-timers? So. Water parks, aquariums and shopping centers for older children? no doubt. Palaces, gorges, hiking trails and a crash course in ancient Greek history? All this too. Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas, rooms, villas and suites for all family sizes, as well as kids’ clubs and a water sports centre.

Top Greek Islands To Visit

Low-key Milos – a separate part of the Cyclades – has about 70 uncrowded beaches worth visiting. We recommend the moon-like Sarakiniko or the quiet bays between the bays of Papafragas, which can also be visited by boat. There is also quite a bit of culture. This is the island where the statue of Venus de Milo was found (now in the Louvre) and one of the best places to see the traditional boat houses of Syrmata. In addition, children can explore the catacombs, look for our pirates on a boat trip to nearby Kimolos and stroll to the ancient theater of Milos. Delmar Apartments & Suites has beachfront villas

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