Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea – More and more people looking for effective skin care solutions are learning about the benefits of Korean skin care. With their affordability, effectiveness and gentle ingredients suitable for all skin types, Korean skincare brands are a must-have for all morning and evening rituals to maintain their healthy skin

However, not all brands are created equal. With a market full of K-Beauty brands of all sizes and specialties, which ones are in high demand or are they popular staples? Many know and love some of these on our list, the best Korean skincare brands that deliver results at reasonable prices.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

The brand was launched in 2012, with a strong emphasis on skin care made with quality raw materials. SKIN1004 carefully curates active ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, harvested with good agricultural and harvesting practices, and other EWG Green Grade ingredients. The brand engages with its audience online and evaluates customer feedback to improve its formulas to address unmet skin needs.

Best Korean Skincare Brands And Products For Your Routine

The AXIS-Y brand stands for natural, cruelty-free skin care products. Their products are strictly free of parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances and dyes that can irritate those with sensitive skin types. Their vegan and halal-certified products make the ideal K-Beauty skincare line for those who appreciate sustainability while looking for effective skincare solutions for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Founded in 2015, Beauty of Joseon was created through the inspiration of Hanbang ingredients used as beauty secrets passed down through generations. The brand gives a modern twist to Hanbang with innovative techniques to create natural, effective skin care that is minimal, safe and cruelty-free.

Launched in 2009, MISSHA has become famous for creating dupes of expensive brands at a lower price. Now they have a database of more than 10 million reviews to continuously innovate safer and more advanced solutions.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

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ETUDE has a long history of providing quality cosmetics in Korea. Founded in 1966 and incorporated by Amore Pacific in 1990, the brand is still regarded as a skincare brand by many around the world. Accessible, colorful and practical, ETUDE’s products appeal to a wide range of consumers, from young adults to those in their late 30s, who seek the brand’s expertise in skin care and makeup.

Cosmetics + Rx – popularly known as COSRX – was first developed in 2002 and launched in 2013. The brand has gained a huge following due to its hassle-free formula that treats various skin problems with practical, potent and natural ingredients. COSRX does not use harsh chemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances, which minimizes the risk of skin irritation. It also uses natural preservatives with a gentle cleansing effect on the skin.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Dr. Jart+ is a skincare brand built by combining the art and science of skin. The brand was developed in 2005 and its first product was a BB Cream that had the nourishing properties of skin care and good foundation coverage. The brand is known for its high performance derma care, using the latest scientific and skin care discoveries to create products that deliver the best results.

Our Team’s Favorite Korean Skincare Products

Laneige has made a comeback on TikTok and other social media platforms. The 25-year-old Korean brand specializes in advanced water complexes and creates products that provide intense hydration solutions. With actresses like Sydney Sweeney and Lee Sung-Kyoung as ambassadors and many influencers praising Laneige’s quality, it’s no surprise that this is a Korean skincare brand that many talk about when trying to get flawless and hydrated skin.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

There are many Korean skincare brands on the market. You can take advantage of the growing demand for effective K-Beauty skin care products by having the best brands ready to share with your customer base.

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Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

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Members have access to our one-stop shopping site. We hand select the best and trending brands sourced at competitive wholesale prices direct from Korea. it’s as simple as choosing, paying and tracking straight to your door. Korea is undoubtedly the world leader in skin care innovation, but it only has a handful of natural and organic K-beauty skin care brands. Have you ever heard of BB cream or sheet masks? They were invented in Korea, the mecca of all things beauty. In fact, many Western companies will go to Korea to learn its techniques, technology and industry practices. While many Korean beauty brands are marketed as natural or pure, most of them are not 100% natural. Read on for the best organic Korean skincare brands.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Whamisa is my first organic Korean skincare brand. Truly organic,  Whamisa only formulates with natural preservatives from plants and does not use animal or synthetic ingredients. Whamisa has undergone some packaging changes and now has a wide range of product offerings including hair, sunscreen and baby products. But Whamisa’s commitment to highly organic formulas with its signature fermentation technology remains the same. Try Whamisa’s Organic Flower Rich Deep Toning Essence and Organic Flower Cleansing Oil. I guarantee you will fall in love with organic K-beauty! Shop Whamisa’s US website here (use discount code to save 20%).

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Another pure Korean beauty brand I love is Aromatica. Aromatica is the first Korean brand to receive EWG VERIFIED ™ certification and the only Korean beauty brand to achieve EWG’s Skindeep Champion status. This vegan Korean skincare brand sources the best ingredients in the world and uses only the highest quality essential oils to stay true to its name. If you are looking for Korean skincare infused with holistic aromatherapy, Aromatica is the brand for you. My favorite Aromatica products are Luminous Neroli Facial Oil and Rose Reviving Infused Serum.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Based on the appreciation of the ancient wisdom of apothecaries, PESTLO is a fairly new Korean beauty brand that combines apothecaries’ prescription with modern biotechnology. Some of PESTLO’s best-selling products are Sun Safe Recipe Essence, which is formulated with EWG green quality ingredients, and Pantherecipe Cream, which replenishes moisture to the skin and forms a protective layer. I highly recommend the Pestlo Safe Sun Essence SPF 50 recipe.

PESTLO Safe Recipe sunscreen provides SPF 50 protection, feels like a moisturizing lotion, dries to a matte finish and has a light pine scent.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Guide To Best Korean Skincare Brands

Purito is a pure and affordable Korean skincare brand that values ​​ingredient transparency. While you will find synthetics in their formulas, they have a very strong focus on natural ingredients. The products in the Purito Centella range all contain an impressive 50% Centella Asiatica extract. Buy Purito on Amazon

COSRX’s most popular product is its Snail Mucin Power Essence formulated with 96% Snail Secretion Filtrate (Mucin) to protect skin from moisture loss. Buy COSRX on Amazon here

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Innisfree is known as Korea’s first natural skin care brand focusing on ingredients from the famous Jeju Island in Korea. Innisfree products are formulated with an average of 80% natural ingredients, so they are not completely natural. Buy Innisfree on Amazon

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First launched in America via online store Glow Recipe, Huxley Secret of Sahara is a Korean minimalist luxury skincare brand focused on its star ingredient, Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Huxley’s products are formulated for skin that suffers from harmful environmental elements and urban stress. Certified Organic Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil is carefully produced in Morocco, hand-selected and cold-pressed to ensure maximum benefits. I wouldn’t consider it a true clean and natural brand, but they have some great products! I love their SPF 50 lotion.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Glow Recipe is a Korean American brand, so it’s not true K-beauty because it’s extremely Americanized and widely available in Sephora stores. However, Glow Recipe creates pure skin care products that are K beauty inspired and fruit focused. They are somewhat natural because Glow Recipe uses fragrance and synthetics in some of their products.

For a natural and organic Korean shampoo that is USDA certified organic and vegan, check out Clevos. If you love the smell of eucalyptus in the shower, then their Eucalyptus Shampoo might be right for you. This shampoo comes in a huge luxury bottle with a pump dispenser, is suitable for all hair types and lathers very well. The uplifting smell of eucalyptus is present, but not too strong. Contains a base of over 75% eucalyptus leaf extract as well as Artemisia extract, Calendula extract, brown rice vinegar, neem extract, helichrysum extract, apple oil, turmeric root extract and more. Available on Amazon.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

Clean Beauty Monthly: Where To Find The Best Natural K Beauty Brands

Join the organic beauty community and become one of us! Emails are limited to 1 or 2 years. South Korea has long been associated with the frivolous side of skin care, where fun formulations and attention-seeking ingredients take center stage. But now K-beauty has grown up and a new school of sophisticated brands is landing on our shores from the home of beauty innovation. Gone are the snail-infused serums and novelty masks: now nonsensical ingredient lists and borderline strength lead the way.

In the UK, the maturity of K-beauty has not gone unnoticed and, according to Newby Hands, global beauty.

Top Korean Skincare Brands In Korea

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