Trending Music In The Philippines

Trending Music In The Philippines – The pandemic hit the music industry hard in 2020; but music still drives us through it, documenting the odd days and giving us the comfort we need or the distraction when times get really tough.

Whether it’s a song that makes us dance, a song that captures all of our anger, or a song that soothes our sadness, Filipino artists have found success.

Trending Music In The Philippines

Trending Music In The Philippines

As a roller coaster year finally comes to an end, we look back at the music made by Filipino artists that helped us make sense of – or just get through – a truly confusing time.

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Let’s start this list with a track that feels very old right now: Sarah Geronimo’s immortal pop song “Tala.” It’s amazing to think that we started 2020 dancing to a song that is almost 5 years old, but in January, before most of us knew there was an epidemic, the “Tala” dance was still going on. The song may have been released in 2015, but its revival in late 2019 proves that a great song can never be erased from our memories.

Trending Music In The Philippines

Rico Blanco is out with his first solo single in 4 years after the difficult early days of quarantine: ‘This shall pass’, a song whose name has become a mantra as everyone transitions to something new. Released on May 1, the song was “the hardest song” Rico had ever written; This is saying a lot coming from a talented songwriter. Yet it was a way for Rico to connect with the world he was locked in, an anthem of comfort to people he could better reach through music.

We all know that Filipino listeners love love songs, and TJ Monterde delivered a much-needed kilig hit with “Puhon,” whose message of longing and hope has become extraordinarily important in the darkest of times.

Trending Music In The Philippines

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Among the songs that came from the height of incarceration, Sponge Cola’s “Lumipas ang Tag-araw” is the one that was able to capture those difficult days with familiarity. More than simply preaching a message of hope, Sponge Cola’s song was a much-needed statement to a world that had changed dramatically.

As people return to their homes due to self-isolation, many have turned to TikTok and dance challenges as a way to cope. As a testament to how powerful the video sharing platform has become in 2020, this classic hip-hop song got a second life after becoming the center of a viral dance challenge, with one of the lyrics saying: “It really hurts, ang. “magmahal ng ganito” a common It has become a reference, a barrier that unites us even when we are apart.

Trending Music In The Philippines

In case of unfair objection, the Dicta license will do so for the song. The rock band, known for its music and action, released two singles in 2020. In June, around the time the Anti-Terrorism Bill became law, they released “Salita”, a powerful song about how dissenters are being silenced. But perhaps it was his next mate who had a more urgent message. Released on the Martial Law anniversary on September 21, “Inosenteng Bala” is a smooth, jazzy song that delves into the culture of violence and impunity under Duterte’s regime while capturing the sound of a bullet weary of killing.

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IV of Spades may have taken a break, but vocalist and bassist/keyboardist Zild Benitez did not. The artist showed off his skills in 2020, and the result was an impressive solo game titled Homework Machine. The album’s lead single, “Sinungaling”, is the perfect anthem for the post-truth era, making us all question the nature of truth in the world. Where lying is very easy.

Trending Music In The Philippines

No pandemic can stop Ben&Ben from having one of its most productive years yet. The 9-piece group has released single after single, music video after music video (featuring love interest duo KathNiel), and their fan base is forming a strong bond with Liwanags. But of all the albums released in 2020, “‘Di Ka Sayang” stands out; This stands out not only for the band stepping out of their musical comfort zone, but also delivering an early message of affirmation and empowerment.

Arthur Nery’s single “Binhi”—Cagayan de Oro’s first Tagalog-based song—is a love song that even people who hate love songs can find solace in. The single was released in June and quickly became a hit, perhaps because people needed the comfort of Arthur’s words.

Trending Music In The Philippines

Music: Mula Sa Kalye To Streaming, The Rising Influence Of Pinoy Hip Hop In The Philippines

K-pop may have taken the world by storm in 2020, but this was the year that P-pop gained momentum. The same year that Pinoy idol group SB19 released their debut album Get in the Zone, 8-member girl group BINI broke out with an earlier hit: a P-pop version of the Filipino classic “Da Coconut Nut.” ” Although the song was unusual, the girls made it work and its success is a sign of what is to come in P-pop. –

Amanda learned with dedication when she finally joined in July 2017, after quitting long-term jobs in favor of traveling the world. As a lifestyle and entertainment journalist, she writes about music, culture and occasional showbiz drama. She also hosts a Live Jam and sometimes does her best not to be a girl on camera. The P-pop group sits comfortably in the Top 10 alongside the likes of Selena Gomez, BTS, Fifty Fifty and ENHYPEN.

Trending Music In The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – P-pop powerhouse SB19 continues to make waves on the international stage as their comeback single “GENTO” debuts on Billboard’s World Digital Sales chart.

Aespa Releases Music Video For

Released on May 19, the song debuted at number eight on the Billboard World Digital Sales chart, as seen on the Billboard website.

Trending Music In The Philippines

The World Digital Songs chart ranks the most popular songs released for the week, based on data provided by Luminate, a US company that provides analysis of online music.

Rema and Selena Gomez’s “Calm Down” managed to stay at the top again for week 17. The full chart is available on the Billboard website.

Trending Music In The Philippines

Look: Sb19’s ‘gento’ Enters Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Charts

Following the announcement, SB19 took to Twitter on Wednesday (May 31) to thank their fans for making this achievement possible for the idol group.

“HE! He continues to take us to unimaginable heights. What you are is really amazing,” the group wrote on their social media page.

Trending Music In The Philippines

⚠️ SB19 ‘GENTO’ ranks 8th on Billboard’s Global Digital Singles Chart A’TIN! He continues to take us to unimaginable heights. You’re truly AWESOME. #SB19 #SB19onBillboardCharts#SB19GENTO #GENTO— SB19 Official ⚠️ (@SB19Official) May 31, 2023

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This achievement is the latest addition to the team’s growing accolades. SB19 became the first Filipino act to be accepted into Billboard’s Social 50 chart in 2020 and was re-elected in 2021.

Trending Music In The Philippines

Also in 2021, SB19 broke the record for the longest song with “Bazinga.” It remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks, surpassing BTS’s “Butter” record.

SB19 is gearing up to release his six track EP PAGTATAG! They will also embark on a world tour that will begin with a stop in Manila on June 24 and 25. – With additional reporting by Jacob Maquiling / There is a word in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, that means to bring out or bring out, as in, to bring out a particularly strong feeling from within. The word, hugot, expresses the feeling at the heart of many OPM love songs. If it makes you faint and want to get up and sing, then this is the ballad for the ages. “It comes from the gut,” explains Isidora Miranda, a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who studies the history of Filipino music. “He’s got a lot of emotion. It really brings out a lot of emotion in the listener.”

Trending Music In The Philippines

Best Filipino (opm) Songs Of 2019

Filipino pop music, also known as Original Filipino Music or OPM, generally refers to pop music that first emerged in the Philippines in the early 70s and has come to dominate radio waves and karaoke playlists in the Philippine market and beyond. For Spotify, OPM has reached 10 billion streams and listeners in the Philippines and Singapore, the US and Hong Kong.

OPM presents a wealth of sounds and genres, including the vintage disco of the pioneers VST & Company, and the swoony songs of Sarah Geronimo, the indie pop-rock of IV of Spades (pictured) and another rock star rising in December Avenue. cover style. But above all, OPM is associated with a fun, emotional ballad form that encourages everyone to join. “Ballads are very important here because we love to sing,” says Diego Mapa, a member of the Filipino rock group Pedicab. , Tarsius and Monsterbot, which we talked about in early February. Many karaoke bars in the Philippines offer a selection of OPM classics and torch songs by well-known American and British artists.

Trending Music In The Philippines

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