Weird Events Around The World

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In the beautiful world we live in, every corner of the earth is amazing, from the shadows of the oceans to the mountains that reach the sky. It is easy to forget, but the Earth is blessed with nature that not only gives us life, but looks very good in the process. But, that said, it’s also very strange.

Weird Events Around The World

Weird Events Around The World

These natural wonders are almost incomprehensible. Lakes don’t have to be pink, beaches don’t have to be black, mountains don’t have to be rainbow-colored, and caves don’t have to be sparkling, but you’ll find all that and more in our collection. . The most amazing places in the world.

Loco In The Headwinds

Jervis Bay Beach in Australia is actually home to some of the whitest sand beaches on Earth, but tourists don’t come here for the whitest sand. Well, some do, but most head to the 102-square kilometer bay for the magic that comes after dark. Jervis Bay is one of the few places on Earth where people can witness the miracles of bioluminescence, as large numbers of plankton glow in the dark and give the water a beautiful atmosphere. Those are

Weird Events Around The World

Or perhaps more appropriately ‘the glow of the sea’, and light is a chemical reaction that creates excitement and vibration, creating a glow in the process. Bioluminescence is most often seen in the warmer months, but you can get lucky any time of the year in Jervis Bay.

) is straight out of the scientific imagination. These waters are rich in a variety of minerals, from large amounts of calcium and sodium sulfate to small amounts of silver and titanium. When the water evaporates in the summer, an amazing collection of deposits is left behind, making Spotted Lake its landmark. You can actually walk on Fridays in the summer, although good luck shakes the feeling that something could pop up at any time…

Weird Events Around The World

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If aliens exist on Earth, they exist here. The Dankel Depression in Ethiopia is a spectacular crater created by three shifting tectonic plates leaving lava lakes, acidic springs and more. It’s called ‘the hottest place on the planet’, and it’s no joke. The temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius in summer due to geothermal activity.

It’s easy to convince yourself that the swirling colors of Zhangye Danxia Mountains in China are actually paintings, but this beautiful scene is very, very real. The color appreciates the eccentric movements of mineral deposits for thousands of years, although it only took a long time in China to pay special attention to it. Many observation decks offer visitors amazing views without spoiling the view, which is good news for everyone.

Weird Events Around The World

According to legend, the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland). The story says that Fionn decided to face the challenge, and built a path to get closer to his enemy, although the story takes many sides. Regardless of their origin, the sight of 40,000 basalt columns plunging into the North Atlantic Ocean is one of the most unique images around, backed by mountains and a calm and gently rolling sea.

Weird Al Yankovic

We would never claim to be limnologists, but we know enough about lakes to know that they are not usually red. It’s not any shade of pink, let alone bubblegum pink, but it’s the color of Lake Hillier, a salt lake found off the coast of the Middle Island of Western Australia. Algae, halobacteria and other microbes create this amazing landscape, one that is safe to swim in if you can actually get into the water. However, it is not easy to find, with many great opportunities with beautiful flights.

Weird Events Around The World

Not your typical mountain, that’s for sure. The highest mountains of Tianzi in China look like they were created by a dystopian fiction writer, straight out of a post-apocalyptic planet where survival is the only goal. It may sound strange, but the play was inspired by the amazing people found in Zhangjiji, Hunan Province. The mountains are easily accessible from Zhangjiajie, although you need a bird to see the full picture.

Natural structures are amazing wherever they are, whether it’s the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the great canyon found in Arches National Park, Utah. There is something beautifully gentle about Wales’s Greenbridge, however, and this is due to the sleepy tranquility of the Pembrokeshire coast and the unusual poetic sensibility that emerges from this small nation. The boat is located in the military area of ​​Castlemartin, so make sure you go ahead and make sure you can actually find the item.

Weird Events Around The World

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If you’ve always wanted to visit the gates of hell, you better get your shoes on. It’s not the real gates of hell, that will have to wait for the afterlife, but Turkmenistan is planning to close the gate gas well soon. The cave has been burning for decades, creating one of the most intense images on the planet, tourists have gathered here with the view that it is impossible. No one knows how it happened, but we can assume it had something to do with Beelzebub.

The name is a gift. OK, the official name is Caño Cristales, but Colombia’s Rainbow River is an incredible celebration of color that has to be seen to be believed. Reds, yellows, purples and greens abound in this liquid rainbow, which flows abundantly in the Serrania de la Macarena National Park, the colors changing depending on the lighting conditions. Lal Ghalib, thank you

Weird Events Around The World

Rainbows and South America, Peru’s Rainbow Mountains are straight out of a fantasy. Vinicunca’s multi-colored marble is the result of centuries of burning deposits, and everything is a wonderful addition. It takes about four hours to scale the mountain, depending on how many times you stop to wonder if you are actually climbing Rainbow Mountain.

The Call Of Cthulhu

Unfortunately, these natural wonders are not literally made of chocolate, they are just covered in grass that turns brown in the dry season. Found in the province of Bohol in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, without a doubt one of the most unique. No one knows how many mountains of chocolate actually exist, with a maximum estimate of 1800. It doesn’t matter – only chocolate does.

Weird Events Around The World

Moon! No, this is not the fantastic creation of a children’s fiction writer, but a real incident found at Victoria Falls in South Africa. These night showers can only be seen when large amounts of spray are produced by strong currents, so don’t bother going here during the dry season hoping for a miracle. Rainbows occur when the moonlight interacts with all the balloons, and the result is magical.

Some people call Thor’s Well ‘the sinkhole of the Pacific’, but that seems absurd. We will go to Thor’s Well, a fascinating cave that seems to absorb the power of the sea at will. It’s something of a black hole in the ocean, so don’t expect to dive into it, or you’ll end up underground forever. This basalt cave is a few miles south of Yachts near Cape Perpetua Seasick, Oregon.

Weird Events Around The World

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We’re not sure if swimming in champagne is cool or really, really sticky, but New Zealand’s Champagne Pool well and truly deserves its place on the list of amazing and amazing places in the world. This interesting pool (some 30km southeast of Rotorua) is not actually filled with champagne, but gets its name from the constant flow of carbon dioxide gas, which gives it a bubbly character like an oh-so-luxurious drink.

Pamukkale literally translates to ‘clothing castle’, and it feels like a fitting name for this amazing network of thermal waters in western Turkey. The landscape phenomenon has been attracting tourists who want to recover for centuries, but the area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect and preserve. The ruins of Hierapolis may be near, but cotton wool never fails to delight.

Weird Events Around The World

The sand pyramid is amazing. It is harvested here and there all over the world, but the small collection of soil patterns found outside of Fuca (Bosnia and Herzegovina) are the only ones in the world that are still growing today. What does that mean? It will take years for us to find out, so make a beeline to catch some glimpses of this beautiful part of the world.

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What a wonderful picture this is. It looks like the Red Sea in China (found in five).

Weird Events Around The World

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