Weird Holidays Around The World

Weird Holidays Around The World – Most of the time, choosing the clothes for the sporting event is not a critical choice. You can do whatever you want…

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Weird Holidays Around The World

Weird Holidays Around The World

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Unusual (& Weird) Festivals Around The World

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Weird Holidays Around The World

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Weird Holidays Around The World

Wacky Holiday Traditions Around The World

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Weird Holidays Around The World

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Jonathan Jacob Meijer (Photo: Playback/YouTube) A Dutch YouTuber accused of fathering more than 550 children has been summoned to appear in court… A few years ago I learned about National Dessert Day (October 14). Why didn’t I know this sooner?! This party was made for me!!

Weird Holidays Around The World

Seeing an amazing new holiday got me thinking – what other holidays are there? I did a little research and it looks like there are tons! You can celebrate something weird every day if you want!

Some of these holidays have government status as official holidays. Others are created to commemorate a specific person or event. Others are just for fun!

Weird Holidays Around The World

Unusual Holidays Around The World

I’ve selected over 100 of my favorite vacations — the ones that are perfect with kids. Need some stress relief? Take this list and find something unusual to celebrate!

I’ve even linked up some charity events from some of my favorite bloggers, so be sure to scroll through the photos for more holiday information and fun things to do with kids to celebrate the holidays. These are special!

Weird Holidays Around The World

The Year-round Vacation Planner is packed with 115-page calendars, checklists, activities and more to help you create vacation memories all year long.

Celebrations Around The World!: A Global Holiday Songbook Featuring 14 Unison Songs Celebrating Holidays In 13 Countries

This ultimate planning tool includes 8 holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. You’ll also find a year-long undated monthly calendar and general planning pages for other special days you want to celebrate (like all the weird and wonderful holidays listed here!)

Weird Holidays Around The World

With this great resource, you’ll get checklists, tools, cards, and more to plan any vacation you want. There are also fun and easy activities for kids every holiday!

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Weird Holidays Around The World

Fun Holidays Around The World

Click here to view the full content and start planning your holiday activities.

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Weird Holidays Around The World

As the holidays approach, millions of people around the world will be participating in their own holiday traditions. Instead of hanging stockings on a cloth or drinking eggnog around the fire and watching holiday movies, there are other traditions that people in different cultures take part in.

Unique & Fun Holidays To Celebrate In April

From carols with dead horses to Austria’s Krampus festival, there are plenty of ways people can celebrate the holidays without an elf on the shelf.

Weird Holidays Around The World

A man in costume races along the Grand Canal for the ‘Befana’ regatta in Venice, Italy. In Italian folklore, La Befana is an old woman who brings gifts to children all over Italy on the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, similar to Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. Photo by Matteo Chinellato/Corbis via Getty Images

The highlight of Christmas Eve in Italy is not Santa Claus. An evil, but kind old witch named Befana (Gift Giver) presides over the giving. On January 5, known as Epiphany, parents leave a place of broccoli with fragrant sausage and a glass of wine for Befana. Tradition says that the good witch flies on her broom and enters the house through the chimney and distributes clothes, toys and candy to all the good children. On January 6, children will find food and toys in boxes.

Weird Holidays Around The World

Funny Witty Christmas Card Sayings For The Holiday 2022

Japan Airlines employees display ‘AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken’ dishes during a press conference to announce the in-flight meal service on November 28, 2012 in Tokyo. It is a tradition in Japan to eat KFC dinner on December 25th. . Getty Images

In Japan, Christmas isn’t really celebrated, but Kentucky Fried Chicken sure is! Yes, it is a tradition in Japan to eat KFC on December 25th instead of homemade Christmas food. Colonel’s Special Recipe Fried Chicken is so popular that the chain asks customers to place orders at least two months in advance. The popular holiday began in Japan in 1974 when it was introduced to visitors who wanted a dinner similar to traditional holiday food. The chicken dinner was also popular with the locals and is still a tradition 40 years later.

Weird Holidays Around The World

The ceramic figurines of El Quijote called ‘caganers’, figures in motion, have been a strong Christmas tradition in Catalonia since the 18th century. In the scene of the birth of Christmas, the Catalans hide the caggens and invite friends to find them. These figures represent fertility, hope and prosperity. Getty Images

Bizarre And Fun National Holidays Mega Bundle (august, September & October Bundles)

Instead of the Elf on the Shelf, Al Kaganer is the actual, albeit slightly vulgar, holiday statue. The male statue’s name translates to excreter, which makes sense because the porcelain doll is bent over and his pants are down. Yes, he is trying to get “two numbers”. The actual legend of how this tradition began is unknown, but legend says that if farmers did not introduce the Kaganar to their birthplace, they would be punished with bad harvest and bad luck. Today, the tradition continues at Christmas markets where old gaggers are sold, with new versions featuring famous faces such as football stars, rock stars and Barack Obama.

Weird Holidays Around The World

No one knows when or where the Marie Lloyd ritual began, but the tradition is to bring good luck to all who participate. Western Mail Archive/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

There is no special day for this strange tradition, but from Christmas until the end of January, it is believed that the celebration of Marie Luid will bring good luck. One is dressed as a horse with real horseshoes, often accompanied by a group of people. In exchange for food and drink, we will visit a singing house. This tradition is believed to have originated from ancient Celtic customs.

Weird Holidays Around The World

Social Media Holidays You Need 2023 24: Indispensable!

Ukrainians decorate their trees with spider webs to bring good luck for the coming year. Reuters photo

Christmas trees in Ukraine are often covered in cobwebs. Folklore tells the story of a poor family who grew a Christmas tree out of pinecones. The children were excited to decorate their own Christmas tree, but the family was poor and could not decorate it during the holidays. When they woke up on Christmas morning, they saw a spider spinning its web in the top of the tree. Today, Ukrainians decorate their trees with spider webs to bring good luck for the coming year.

Weird Holidays Around The World

Participants dressed as Krampus creatures walk the streets looking for naughty children during the Krampus Run on November 28, 2015 in Salzburg, Austria. Krampus, also known as Tuifl, is part of Central European Alpine folklore, which dates back at least thousands of years. Since the 17th century, Krampus has been associated with St. Nicholas and the angels visiting the house on the evening of December 5 to reward good children and punish those who do not. Getty Images

Christmas Facts You Didn’t Know

Bad kids in the US get coal, but other bad kids around the world get a visit from Krampus. It seems that nature punishes those who do evil like wild animals. If he sees a really bad child, he puts it in a sack and puts it in the wagon, maybe for midnight supper!

Weird Holidays Around The World

Radish Night is an annual carving event that dates back to the colonial era when radishes were introduced by the Spanish. Farmers started carving radishes

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