Weird Laws Around The World

Weird Laws Around The World – Hard to believe that there were laws in Britain since the Middle Ages, but it is true!

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the strangest and oldest laws that still exist in the UK legal system today. From the law banning gambling in the UK public libraries to the law that kills monkeys is treason, these laws will scratch your head!

Weird Laws Around The World

Weird Laws Around The World

And so get ready for a weird ride as we explore some of the strangest laws in the UK that still apply today. Because most are so outdated, you will not be able to find a tech lawyer or corporate lawyer. Fortunately. But read on to find out about the strange laws in the UK that still exist.

Weird Laws Around The World (part 1)

1. Transporting planks on the sidewalk is illegal unless it is intended to be removed from the vehicle.

Weird Laws Around The World

The municipal police law states, “Slabs must not be taken on the sidewalk. “It can only move if it is taken out of a vehicle or brought into a building.”

This rule dates back to the Middle Ages, when carts were often overloaded and timber fell, creating a danger to pedestrians.

Weird Laws Around The World

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What could be considered a normal summer activity, such as kite flying in public, can be Surprised that this is really illegal.

This law was introduced to prevent disturbances and general accidents to local commuters, as stated in Section 54 of the 1839 Municipal Police Act.

Weird Laws Around The World

Library crime laws are introduced because gambling can be a very annoying activity and it will be difficult for people to focus on their study or reading if gambling is taking place around them.

Weird Laws Around The For Android

4. Taxis can not transport crazy dogs and drivers are required to ask passengers if they have chickenpox or plague.

Weird Laws Around The World

It’s so selfish that a mad dog or a skeleton cannot be transported due to health and safety rules!

The 1936 Public Health Act states that it is the duty of taxi drivers to ask their passengers if they have plague or chickenpox.

Weird Laws Around The World

Weird Laws From Around The World

At No. 5 on our list of bizarre British laws under the 1848 Treason Act, it is an offense to “put any mark on the King’s coin or money intentionally to oppose the same.” .

There are rumors that if you put a stamp on it again, it will be treason because you feel that you are degrading the monarchy.

Weird Laws Around The World

However, this myth has been proven untrue and even through Royal Mail it is still acceptable to put stamps on letters.

Weird Laws Around The World..

6. It is illegal to be found drunk in a public house or in a licensed place in England and Wales.

Weird Laws Around The World

Section 12 of the 1872 License Act makes it an offense: “Anyone found to be intoxicated on a highway or in a public place, whether a building or premises is permitted.”

The move was amended in the 1988 License (Amendment) to extend the ban to all public places, including pubs, clubs and even private homes, if alcohol is sold there.

Weird Laws Around The World

These Weird Laws Around The World Will Amaze You

According to the Metropolitan Streets Act 1867, which originates from the Metropolitan Police District, it is illegal to drive cattle on the street during special hours between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., unless someone has special permission from Police Commissioner.

The law prohibits “anyone who drives or transports animals against this section.”

Weird Laws Around The World

The Prohibition on Arms Act (1313) is still in force today and makes it illegal under British law to wear a full coat in Parliament.

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Edward II passed a statute to end the violence that erupted between the two parliamentary parties, the pro-monarchical Lancastrians and the anti-royalist party of the Earl of Gloucester.

Weird Laws Around The World

You may have carpets or rugs that you need to clean and get rid of dirt or dust while you think clean carpets are not harmful, it is against the law.

Section 60 of the 1839 City Police Act states that anyone who strikes or shakes a carpet, rug, or carpet except the door before 8 p.m.

Weird Laws Around The World

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The law dates back to 1322, when Edward II ordered that “the head and spermaceti of a whale” be handed over to the king, and that the remaining skeletons belonged to those who found them.

There is a similar rule in Iceland that any whale that comes ashore must report to the local police, who then decide whether to hand it over to the king or queen.

Weird Laws Around The World

This is a frustrating game that people still play and it can be a terrible distraction for the occupants.

Strange Laws Around The World

The City Police Act of 1839, Section 54, Section 16 states that it is illegal for “any person who intentionally and unintentionally disturbs a resident by pulling or knocking on a doorbell or knocking on a door for no legal reason or by relocating “Illegal and illegal. Any lamp.”

Weird Laws Around The World

Also part of Section 12 of the 1872 License Act, fines imposed on people found to be intoxicated also include those who control cattle, horses, carts, or steam engines on Highway or other public place.

This law is designed to prevent accidents and keep people safe.

Weird Laws Around The World

Weird Laws From Around The World

Queuing at the ticket booth at the air duct station is a violation of the London Underground Act. Available by Freight for London.

This rule is enforced because it can be very frustrating for others who are waiting in line, and it also It can be dangerous if people push each other to get on the train.

Weird Laws Around The World

These bizarre laws — the Citizens ‘and Soldiers’ Misconduct Act of 1906 and the Police Act of 1996 — were enacted to protect people from the deliberate impersonation of a police officer or military officer, as it can be confusing. Public and it can be a lot too. Confused. Leads to dangerous situations.

Map Of Some Weird Laws

As stated in section F45 of Article 1847 of the City Police, it is an offense for “every person to keep pigs in front of any road, not to block that road with enough walls or fences or keep pigs in or near any road. To be a general nuisance.

Weird Laws Around The World

Even if you are unlikely to visit any royal family and allow your dog to hang out with the Queen’s beloved corgis, if it does, it will violate British law!

While sliding down an icy road on a wheelchair or even your boots can sound like a lot of fun, it’s another weird UK rule that makes it illegal.

Weird Laws Around The World

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It is not only very dangerous, but it is also very harmful and can be a nuisance to residents, which is why it is stated in the City Police Act 1839, Sec. 54.

You might think this is a bit old law in the UK, as stated in the 1847 City Police Act, but in reality it Remains to this day.

Weird Laws Around The World

Although you may not be arrested, if the police catch you doing it, you could be fined up to £ 1,000!

Weird And Wonderful Laws From Around The World

You may think that all the birds are a fair game, but you are wrong! It is illegal to kill or injure monkeys because they belong to the queen.

Weird Laws Around The World

This law dates back to the 12th century, when the Crown claimed ownership of all monkeys to prevent humans from eating them!

If you think you can avoid watching TV without permission, you are mistaken!

Weird Laws Around The World

Weird Laws From Around The World: Joshi, Manik: 9781520113135: Books

As stated in Communications Act 2003, Section 363, watching TV without permission is a serious offense and you can be fined up to £ 1,000 if caught. . And when fatigue marks our weary souls, which option is better than going on vacation to a faraway land? But watch out! Before you pack your bags and set off for the trip, you need to know some of the laws imposed by some countries. But some goals obey strange rules that are sure to make you think twice.

Thinking of chewing gum while in Singapore? Well, dismiss that idea immediately. Singapore has banned the sale, possession and use of chewing gum since 1992. Anyone found found selling or possessing must pay a hefty fine and face up to two years in prison.

Weird Laws Around The World

If you want to urinate after 10pm in Switzerland, we apologize. But you can not flush the toilet before 7 am! Yes, even though it is strange, there are such rules.

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