Weird News Around The World

Weird News Around The World – Fighters sleep on a ferry that runs between the Asian and European sides of the city, Istanbul, Turkey, October 5, 2021. (Photo by Reuters)

From talking ducks to begging cats, terrifying croissants and heartwarming memories: let’s take a look at the weirdest, funniest and cutest news of 2021

Weird News Around The World

Weird News Around The World

How we laughed in 2021! Yes, the year was plagued by covid, fires and floods… but it also brought some weird and wonderful news that lifted spirits.

Weirdest News Articles Of All Time

That’s how long American secret service agents managed to keep tabs on Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner…

Weird News Around The World

Donald Trump’s apparent favorite child and his billionaire partner refused to allow agents to use “6.5 bathrooms” at their Washington mansion, it emerged just days before his father left the White House in January.

Jared Kushner (L) and Ivanka Trump walk through the West Wing Colonnade after a bilateral meeting between Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 10, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Weird News Around The World

Surprising Facts About The Oarfish That Has Been Washing Up On Beaches

Behan Mutlu, a Turkish citizen living in the Inegol district of northwestern Bursa province, was reported missing one day in September after his relatives lost contact with him for several hours. After meeting up with friends, the man went drunk into the forest, where he joined a group of locals who helped Turkish authorities “find” him.

Later, upon questioning, Mutlu discovers that they actually attempted the search and rescue for themselves.

Weird News Around The World

A woman in Quebec stopped a man on a leash during the coronavirus curfew because he was “walking his dog,” which was allowed under the rules.

Florida Man Challenge: Why So Many Crazy Stories Come Out Of The State

South Korean officials have reminded pregnant women to have plenty of ironed shirts, socks and underwear and frozen food ready for their husbands when they are in the hospital during labor.

Weird News Around The World

Akat warmed hearts in the western province of Izmir when her maternal instincts and apparent knowledge of the health system led her to take her sick kitten to a human clinic.

Staff at a health department clinic run by the local municipality in Izmir’s Karabaglar district were surprised when a mother dragged one of her kittens into their office. A day later she returned with another kitten. Doctors and nurses discovered that both kittens had eye problems caused by an infection. After first aid, they were handed over to the municipal veterinary administration, where they were treated and cured. The stray kittens and their mother were later put up for adoption.

Weird News Around The World

Keeping Dallas Weird: The Most Head Scratching News Stories Of 2022

A Danish children’s TV show about the plight of a man with the “world’s longest will” has gone viral.

John Dillermand (John Pennysman in English) uses his incredibly long member to get out of difficult situations. But it got him into deep trouble like so many men before him.

Weird News Around The World

A boy hands money to a crow standing in a toilet attendant’s cabin in Sanliurfa, southeast Turkey on June 28, 2021. (IHA Photo)

The Weird Looking, Fuel Efficient Planes You Could Be Flying In One Day

Crows are no strangers to stealing from people, but one baby crow has found a legal way to make a living. A chick tended by a toilet attendant in Biresik, a town in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa, is also home to a species of ibis that surprises onlookers by standing guard while the attendant is away. He happily accepts coins and bills from customers with his lips – and those who avoid paying are met with loud shouting.

Weird News Around The World

American studies have shown that people who use porn are more intelligent, more creative, more honest and less likely to “engage in serious immoral behavior”.

An Indian man was pronounced dead after a motorbike accident when doctors were about to open him up.

Weird News Around The World

Earth Not Due For A Geomagnetic Flip In The Near Future

Yoshiro Mori stepped down as head of the Tokyo Olympics in February after the former prime minister said there was a problem with women… they talk too much.

A Turkish couple from northwest Turkey went hiking in a nearby forest, but ended up finding a new fluffy member to their family.

Weird News Around The World

Enes and Minel Kılıç, who run a cafe in Kocaeli province, were walking in the forest near their home in the Yuvacik district when they found the squirrel alone and curled up in a tree cavity.

Meet The Aye Aye, The World’s Weirdest Primate

They rushed him to the vet and quickly got used to each other as their furry friend, whom they named Alvin, refused to leave their side despite several attempts to return him to his natural habitat.

Weird News Around The World

These days, Alvin Kılıç spends his nights with the couple, sleeping on a fleece blanket in his own armchair in their bedroom, and during the day he goes with them to their cafe, where he likes to eat chips and drink tea with a view of the trees below.

The entire administration of a California elementary school has resigned after it was caught abusing parents as pot-smoking slackers on a Zoom call.

Weird News Around The World

The Strange And Secret Ways That Animals Perceive The World

The Frenchman’s pride swelled after news that the world’s most romantic panda – who is naturally French – managed to copulate with his new lover eight times in one day.

Pandas are not known for their tenacity when it comes to love, but keepers at Beauval Zoo say sparks flew when Yuan Ji approached her young Chinese partner Huan Huan.

Weird News Around The World

A French man who asked his neighbor if he could lend him his saw to “get rid of the body” was arrested in March for killing his tenant.

Top Weird News Stories From The Sunshine State In 2018

Taiwan has urged people to stop changing their names after their scores changed to “Salmon Prince” and “Salmon Fried Rice” to take advantage of the sushi chain’s April offer for those whose names include the Chinese characters for fish.

Weird News Around The World

US First Lady Jill Biden, a notorious douchebag who once stuffed herself into an overhead locker on Air Force Two when her husband was vice president, dressed up as a flight attendant on Air Force One to serve ice cream to reporters on April Fool’s Day.

The reigning “Mrs. World” was arrested after removing the crown from her successor as “Mrs. Sri Lanka” and smashing a dressing room mirror after the ceremony in Colombo turned ugly.

Weird News Around The World

Weirdest Places In The World

A Canadian lawmaker who stripped down on a House of Commons Zoom conference call was caught on camera urinating into a coffee cup during a virtual committee meeting six weeks later.

A windswept crescent has emerged from a “dangerous-looking creature” in a tree in a quiet street in Krakow, Poland, which sparked panic.

Weird News Around The World

The Facebook page of the French town of Beach has been taken down after the US tech giant defamed it.

Weird News Stories From Essex County: 2021 Year In Review

A bank official in Taiwan got married four times in one month to use up the statutory eight-day paid leave for newlyweds.

Weird News Around The World

Istanbul’s public transportation system can be inconvenient for people, but it’s still the best way to travel around the city. The Turkish metropolis has a large number of stray dogs and cats, and now one of them is enjoying a free ride.

On a crowded Istanbul passenger ferry between Europe and Asia, all eyes turn to a passenger enjoying the view from the window. Bozzi the street dog was regularly seen on ferries, buses and metro trains in Europe’s biggest cities. The dog is a devoted commuter and regularly enjoys long journeys on public transport of up to 30 kilometers (20 miles) on weekdays.

Weird News Around The World

Weird Museums That Exists Around The World

In September, science rocked news that ducks could talk — and that shocked well-heeled people.

Kosovar surgeon Skender Telaku removes a cell phone from a prisoner’s stomach after he swallowed it to hide it from prison guards.

Weird News Around The World

A pregnant cat in the southeastern province of Bitlis meowed for help outside a local family health center because her contractions were too much to bear.

The Patriots May Be Pretty Bad, And That Feels Weird To Say

The keepers let her in, but they couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong with the pregnant cat.

Weird News Around The World

They soon realized that the cat couldn’t produce a kitten after a few minutes of intensive work, so they called the town vet.

After being transported to the center for castration and rehabilitation of stray animals in Tatvan, veterinarian Sefer Durmus saw that the cat was having trouble giving birth, so he took her for a caesarean section (commonly known as a C-section).

Weird News Around The World

A Weird 2021

A Danish artist pocketed $84,000 in cash to create banknote artwork and send two blank canvases titled “Take the Money and Run” to a gallery.

Rap star Nicki Minaj was denied entry to the Met Ball in New York because she was not vaccinated after her cousin’s boyfriend from Trinidad said her testicles swelled after being stung.

Weird News Around The World

Street cat ‘Nokta’ waits patiently near the pet food section of a local market to trick sympathetic customers into buying him fast food, Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2, 2021. (DHA photo)

Pop Pulp!’ Illustrates Weird, Wonderful World Of Mexican Pulp Art

A “beggar cat” who wanders the pet food aisle of a market in Kadıköy, Istanbul has gained social media fame for his Oscar-worthy “hunger” pangs, leading passers-by to believe he is a hungry stray – actually says the store manager. the street cat actually eats 10 of them a day. Thanks to the cat’s clever behavior, the bar eats the food.

Weird News Around The World

A stray, nicknamed by store employees “Nokta,

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