What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram – You spend an hour each day crafting that perfect Instagram post, hitting the share button, and then anxiously waiting for the likes and comments to pour in. Just like the good old days.

But times have changed. You won’t get the engagement you used to. You work hard to create great content and create concepts, but no matter what you do, the results backfire. Instagram’s new algorithm doesn’t help, but you should also watch out for your ghost followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

A ghost follower is an Instagram account that follows you but never actively engages with you (ie never likes or comments on your Instagram content). You will see a steady stream of random followers on your profile who do so in hopes of returning but never interact with your content.

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. There were no exceptions to this rule. Instagram has unveiled its new algorithm that reorders posts based on what you like. One of the most important factors that Instagram considers when displaying your content: how engaging that content actually is for viewers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

A. and likes, with an engagement rate of 2%.

Tags: smm services, smo services, social media marketing agency, social media marketing companies, social media marketing services, social media optimization company It is undeniable that in the world of social media, the number of Instagram followers is related with a certain level. However, ghost followers on Instagram are a growing problem for the platform that is rarely talked about.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

The Best Instagram Followers Apps In 2023 [guide]

For a long time, just having a large following on Instagram gave your account instant authority and appeal.

It’s true that having a large following on Instagram can build social credibility, increase online sales, and open doors to influencer marketing collaborations.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

However, not all followers are of equal value, and low-quality followers can greatly affect your bottom line.

What Is A Ghost Follower And Are They Hurting Your Instagram Reach

As more Instagram businesses are driven by both brands and influencers, businesses are now looking for quality over quantity when it comes to Instagram followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Simply put, ghost followers are fake or inactive users on Instagram (or other social media platforms) who don’t engage with your content.

If you notice that one of your followers follows them a lot, but has few followers of their own – they are not real and therefore not connected to your Instagram account.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

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A few random followers are nothing to worry about, but too many ghost followers can have a big impact on your Instagram engagement.

In this guide, we’ll examine the phenomenon of ghost followers on Instagram and how to make sure they don’t affect the quality of your brand.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

For example, if an account has 20,000 followers but only 20-50 likes per photo, users will easily notice a discrepancy between these two metrics.

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Follower count is used to indicate key performance indicators of a profile, but these metrics can be skewed by ghost followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

1. Company A has 10,000 followers and an average of 1,500 likes per picture and about 50-60 comments.

2. Company B, on the other hand, has 40,000 followers, but on average it has 30-50 likes and a handful of comments.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

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Although Company B looks better at first glance due to the astronomical number of followers, it actually has a much lower valued profile due to low engagement.

Users with fake Instagram followers have no way of determining their reach on Instagram because they have no idea how many real followers they actually have.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Companies are considering selling products on Instagram to reach some of its 1 billion users. The profit potential behind such coverage is huge.

Instagram Strikes Down Ghost Followers, Celebrities Lose Followers By Millions

However, Instagram ghost followers will never give you credit for post likes, website clicks, or sales.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

“Be authentic. Take the time to genuinely engage with your followers instead of a bot and comment and like their photos yourself. They know when you really connect and become more loyal customers.” – Jesse Roberts www.CheekysBrand.com @cheekyschicks

Especially with the proliferation of new features such as shoppable Instagram feeds, Instagram is becoming a platform for consumers to not only discover products, but also buy directly.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Remove Instagram Ghost Followers

At the end of the day, brands partner with influencers to reach an audience that will have a genuine interest in their product and ideally buy it.

If you’re struggling to get Instagram followers and want to grow your profile organically, sign up for Kicksta today.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Too many followers can initially attract potential partners. However, credible brands will notice if their engagement rates don’t match their follower numbers.

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If the figures of the influential figures seem to be tainted by the activity of spirits, this may lead to the loss of the partnership.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

In April 2017, Business Insider reported that Instagram began cracking down on ghost followers by shutting down third-party services that offer “instant real followers” and fake engagements.

The reason for this move is that “bot activity” is harmful to profiles and the presence of these types of profiles starts to negatively affect the user experience.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Remove Any Fake Bots Or Ghost Followers

Additionally, Instagram has begun to take the issue of ghost followers more seriously in recent months. If your account is found to have too many fake followers, you may be banned from the platform.

The good news is that in most cases, ghost followers are not something that just happens. Users should engage in activities that increase the chances of getting ghost followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Services like GramBlast offer deals for followers. For just $2.99, you can have 100 followers. Buzzdays offers a similar deal – $1.89 per 100 followers.

Identify Your Instagram Ghost Followers Without Login Info

Although these services offer to make your account more visible by increasing the number of followers, you only pay for a certain number.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

These followers may never like or comment on your content. And when you get caught with fake followers, your credibility is seriously damaged.

Websites like fameswap.com create a marketplace where you can buy an existing Instagram account that has hundreds of thousands of followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Instagram Unfollow And Remove Ghost Followers On Instagram

Such companies often do not disclose the full Instagram handle, so you cannot analyze the true quality of the account until the sale.

Also, once you actually purchase an account, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be posting the same content as the original owner.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Once you change your account name, there is a high possibility that the followers you bought with the account will be lost. People hanging around aren’t really interested and will negatively impact your engagement.

Remove Fake, Ghost Followers From Your Instagram Account

And if that’s not enough, Instagram usually bans accounts if they suspect selling or suspicious activity due to name changes.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

If you already have ghost followers, it can be tempting to try to make up for the apparent lack of engagement by buying likes and comments.

Apps like Gramplify, Super Liker and IG Flash offer to increase the number of likes on your profile by posting your pictures on newsfeed and other users in exchange for liking their pictures.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Identifizieren Sie Instagram Ghost Follower Und Seien Sie Ihr Manager

Although in the short term, this method provides engagement and a short-term increase in likes, it does not ensure long-term engagement.

These followers are people who simply like or comment on your content to get increased engagement on their account. It’s not forever.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Instead, you should use organic tactics to get more Instagram likes naturally, which is the only long-term solution to maintaining high engagement rates.

Ghost Followers Should Be Your Newest Jump Scare

Undoubtedly, ghost followers are highly undesirable and can be detrimental to the credibility of your Instagram account.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Fortunately, there are many methods and tools that can be used to remove ghost followers from your account.

Go through your account and see who follows you. If an account has limited followers on its own and limited content, it is highly likely that the account has ghost followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Ghost Followers Are Hurting Your Brand: Here’s Why

Instagram allows you to view your photos and find out who liked them. If the follower in question isn’t engaging with any of your content, you can unfollow them yourself – just like removing a friend on Facebook.

However, this manual trick can be difficult and impractical if your account is one with millions of followers.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

Comparing these metrics provides an opportunity to understand your account engagement and gauge whether bot activity is occurring.

How To Remove Instagram Followers And Beat The Ig Algorithm

Tools like these can help you understand how serious your ghost follower problem is and how deep you need to go to fix your account.

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

It provides in-depth analysis of not only your engagement metrics, but also how engaged each of your followers is.

Similar tools allow you to see how many followers you have

What Are Ghost Followers On Instagram

How To Fix An Instagram Account Brimming With Ghost Followers

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