What Is Googled The Most

What Is Googled The Most – And since Google conducts more than 90% of Internet searches outside the Great Firewall, studying its use is one of the best resources for modern social research.

This series of visualizations by Anders Sandel uses Google Trends search data to show the most Googled countries worldwide from 2004 to 2022. These graphics provide thought-provoking insights into various cultural similarities and geopolitical dynamics.

What Is Googled The Most

What Is Googled The Most

The above visualization shows the most Googled country in each country worldwide over the last few decades.

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For example, an arrow pointing from Canada to the United States means that, between 2004 and 2022, people in Canada searched more about the US than any other country globally.

What Is Googled The Most

Finally, each country’s circle is scaled according to its search interest, i.e. the larger the circle, the more countries point to it (and search it).

Perhaps surprisingly, the US It is the most Googled country on the list, ranking first in 45 of the 190 countries included in the dataset.

What Is Googled The Most

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While it is the most Googled country in neighboring places like Canada and Mexico, it is also number one in countries as far away as Nigeria, Sweden and Australia.

The US It is currently the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP, and has one of the largest cultural influences globally. However, it is worth noting that China, the world’s second largest economy and largest population, was comparatively less researched, at least based on Google Trends data.

What Is Googled The Most

In addition to a network map highlighting the top Googled countries overall, Sundell created a series of videos breaking down the monthly data by region. Here are the videos for America, Europe and Asia.

Here’s A Map Of The Most Google Searched Products In Each Country

Findings from Mexico appear to be concentrated in the western United States, where a large portion of the country’s Hispanic population resides. In contrast, searches for India seem to come mostly from the eastern side of the country.

What Is Googled The Most

The US It is the most commonly Googled country in all of Europe, having been number one consistently for the past two decades.

In the early 2000s, the US was ranked the most Googled in Asia, but over time, US-related searches declined. India took the top spot to become the most Googled country in Asia in the 2010s.

What Is Googled The Most

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An anomaly occurred when Japan briefly held the top spot in March 2011, when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off Japan’s northern coast, triggering a devastating tsunami.

This article was published as part of Visual Capitalist’s Creators Program, featuring data-driven visuals from some of our favorite creators around the world.

What Is Googled The Most

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Demographics Map: World’s Happiest Countries in 2023 Where do the happiest people live on Earth? This map is a snapshot of the world’s most (and least) rich countries in 2023.

What Is Googled The Most

Are wealth and prosperity legitimate measures of happiness? What about the safety and health consequences? In the West, we see democracy as a key component of happiness, yet there are countries under authoritarian regimes that score high on the happiness index. Questions like these make “Ranking Happiness” a particularly challenging puzzle, but also worth pursuing. If policymakers have a clear picture of what conditions promote happiness, they can create policies that improve the lives of people living in their jurisdictions.

The map above is a global snapshot of life satisfaction around the world. It uses the World Happiness Report – an annual survey of how satisfied citizens around the world are – to map the world’s happiest and least happy countries.

What Is Googled The Most

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To create the map-based index, the researchers simply asked people how satisfied they were with their lives. Scores were determined using these self-reported responses as well as quality of life factors of people living in different countries. While there may be no perfect measure of happiness around the world, the report is a robust and transparent attempt to understand happiness globally. For more detailed notes on report methodology and more, we recommend viewing the information box at the end of this article.

Global happiness currently averages 5.5 out of 10, down 0.1 from last year. Below is a look at each country’s score:

What Is Googled The Most

European countries make up the majority of the top 10, with Israel (#4) and New Zealand (#10) also making the top ranks. Finland topped the ranking for the sixth year in a row.

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North America’s average happiness score is 6.3/10. The happiest country in the region is Canada, just behind the United States. However, both countries’ scores actually dropped from last year. It is difficult to say why citizens feel less satisfied, but inflation, economic uncertainty and many other factors may play a role.

What Is Googled The Most

Among the countries that improved in North America were Nicaragua and Jamaica. Another recent development however, with the recent announcement of plans to increase the minimum wage by 44% in the near future, may have many Jamaicans feeling even happier.

South America has an average score of 5.8. Even though Venezuela is the continent’s least prosperous country, its score actually went from 4.9 to 5.2. That said, the ongoing humanitarian and economic crisis is unlikely to inspire much hope in the average Venezuelan. More than 6.8 million people have fled the conflict-ridden country since 2014.

What Is Googled The Most

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The two countries in the region with the lowest scores were Brazil and Colombia, where citizens reported feeling worse than last year.

Europe has some of the happiest countries in the world with an average regional score of 6.4. Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden and Iceland often report high scores, meaning that people in these countries feel very satisfied with their lives.

What Is Googled The Most

Despite the thwarted invasion, Ukrainians have seen no decline in their happiness over the years, and many feel resilient and purposeful in their fight for independence. Interestingly, Russia’s score actually rose slightly from last year, from 5.5 to 5.7.

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The collective average for East Asia and Oceania is 5.6. However, Oceania alone would have the highest regional score in the world at 7.1.

What Is Googled The Most

Contrary to conventional wisdom—at least in the West—China has seen its score jump significantly (+0.6) in recent years. Across the strait, Taiwan scored the second highest in East Asia after Singapore.

India once again has the lowest happy score in its region. The country’s score has dropped by -0.7 over the past decade.

What Is Googled The Most

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The average score in the Middle East and Central Asia is 5.2, and the range of happiness scores is greater than in any other region.

Afghanistan is the least happy country in the world, with citizens reporting very low levels of life satisfaction. Since the Taliban took over, life has become objectively worse for the Afghan people, especially women.

What Is Googled The Most

There is a lot of conflict going on in the region. Armenian citizens face particular tensions with neighboring Azerbaijan, whose score was not recorded for this year. Conflicts in the Nagorno-Karabakh region have killed hundreds of people since 2020 and cause daily struggles for people living in the disputed region. Iran is still under economic sanctions and faces ongoing tensions with the US and Israel. Some countries, such as Syria and Yemen, are so unstable that no data is available.

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However, there are also bright spots. Israel is one of the world’s happiest countries with a top 10 score this year, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE are on par with many European countries.

What Is Googled The Most

The least prosperous region, Africa, has an average score of 4.4, and there are many regional variations.

The highest score in Africa goes to the island nation of Mauritius. Apart from the country’s natural beauty and stability, the economic opportunities are also increasing. Mauritius is classified as an upper-middle income country by the World Bank, and is one of the fastest growing high-income markets in the world.

What Is Googled The Most

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Among the African countries included in the index, Sierra Leone has the lowest score, followed by Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Notably, there are currently some data gaps in this region, including Burundi, the world’s poorest country.

Method: A nationally representative group of about 1,000 people is asked a series of questions about their life satisfaction as well as the positive and negative emotions they are experiencing. The life evaluation question is based on the Cantrill scale, with the top of the scale representing the best possible life for the individual (scored as 10/10) and the opposite side, the worst possible life (scored as 0/10). The main measure is that the scores are the result of self-reported responses by citizens of each of these countries. The results yielded a 95% confidence interval, meaning there is a 95% probability that the survey responses represent the population mean. Also, scores are averaged over the past three years to increase the sample size of respondents in each country.

What Is Googled The Most

Criticisms: Critics of the World Happiness Report point out that the survey questions measure satisfaction as opposed to socioeconomic conditions.

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