What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume – OUR TAKE The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is a comfortable mid-day sneaker that’s built to last. It doesn’t have a thrilling or spirited ride, but it’s great value and very stable. The 39er version has a new upper, midsole and new toe box, but the biggest update is that it has lost some weight.

If you are looking for a neutral running shoe that will last a long time and not break, the Pegasus 39 is a great choice.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

I hope whoever came up with the name Pegasus and coined the term “your winged workhorse” got a very, very big bonus. That’s exactly what the Pegasus is, a running shoe built like a tank and designed for nothing more than to last for hundreds of miles.

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If you think Pegasus doesn’t look like an attractive shoe, you’d be right in your assessment. Nike marketing is good like that: they managed to turn an uninspiring shoe into the most popular running shoe in the world.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

My first experience with Pegasus was version 30, 9 years ago. If I’m being brutally honest, I was really annoyed with her because she had no invulnerability, but at the time I had no idea what a Pegasus was.

Pegasus is not designed to break your knees or electrocute you. You don’t really appreciate the Pegasus until after five hundred miles when it looks and drives as good as when you first bought it.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

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My favorite version was the 32. It fitted my feet perfectly while the ride was nice and stable since it was before they started putting Zoom Air in the front. The 35 version was also good, but the ride was noticeably smoother thanks to its thin, integral airbag.

Every two years, the Pegasus receives a major update where its upper, midsole, and sole are updated. This year is the main renewal year, so you can expect some changes, although that doesn’t mean that because after all, it’s Pegasus and they want to stay consistent to maintain their loyal fanbase.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

The Pegasus 39 has a new upper, midsole and sole unit, but what will most interest Pegasus enthusiasts is that the new Peg 39 has lost a total of 28 grams of weight. It now weighs 9.2 oz (261 g). In its class it is still 0.5 oz heavier than the new Ride 15 but is now lighter than the Ghost 14, Cumulus 24, Wave Rider 25 and 880v12.

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I ordered my Pegasus 39 in Orewood Brown/Barely Volt. I had mixed feelings about it at first, but since then it has really grown on me. The brown top has a retro 70s look that matches its retro theme.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

The first time I picked up the Pegasus 39 and rode it, I found the top to be more comfortable than the previous version. The new midfoot design fits my midling much better than the last 2 versions.

I also noticed that the bump on the bottom of my foot where the Zoom Airbag sits was more pronounced than the last version. This is a unique Nike feature and you usually get used to it eventually.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

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When I tested it on both the Peg 38 and 39, the 39’s foam was slightly softer than the 38’s, so the air cushioning was more prominent than on the latter version. Nike had to change the React foam formulation because it feels a bit more moist and airy.

My first run was 10km at a very slow easy pace with a few faster downhills. I noticed the Pegasus 39 felt much better and snappier with fast paces under 5.30 minutes per mile than slower paces.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

As I walked slowly, it felt like the air was moving under my feet. As I accelerated, the bump feeling went away and the front foot became more responsive.

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The top felt hot on that first run, and the ride was heavy due to all the thick rubber on the bottom upper. The thick frame also made for a “bumpy” ride, which I’ve noticed with every Pegasus I’ve tried.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

The Pegasus 39 now has two Zoom Air vents: one in the front and one in the heel, which is the same setup as the Pegasus 33 and 34. The 35 and 36 versions offer plenty of travel with their full-length Zoom Air units. felt were lighter but they were noticeably less bumpy and had a smoother ride.

The front Zoom Air unit of the Peg 39 is very visible at low speeds, but the new rear Zoom Air unit is not at all noticeable due to the thick cellulose tab above it. The result is that transitions from heel to midfoot are smooth, but when you get to the forefoot, you feel a distinct bump where the airbag is.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

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In my opinion, the Pegasus 39’s air bars give it a very “old school” ride. It’s time for Nike to ditch the air vents on the Pegasus and replace it with ZoomX foam that will deliver a smoother, lighter and more responsive ride. The Pegasus has fallen behind in the mid-level daily trainer segment, as competitors have all shifted to lighter, energy-inverting mid-level technologies.

You still get React foam in the Pegasus 39, but this React is slightly softer underfoot than the React in the Peg 37 and 38. Just by putting it between your fingers, you can tell it’s runnier. The new foam formula is the main reason for the overall weight reduction, as the outer shell and top are largely unchanged.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

I enjoyed running the Pegasus 39 the most for short to medium distance runs under 20 miles at a consistent pace of between 4.30 and 5.30 minutes per mile. It’s the good place. Anything slower than that and the Zoom Air bag became a complete mess when I found the single unit was not alive for anything faster than 4.30.

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One of my favorite things about the Pegasus 39 is its stability underfoot. Due to its relatively firm sole, there isn’t a lot of loose movement, so my foot always feels planted and the wedge is comfortable.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

The exterior of the Pegasus 39 is familiar but slightly different from its predecessors. It has the same design with carbon rubber on the forefoot and rubber on the midfoot/forefoot. The main difference is that there are now 2 smooth horizontal grooves that run the full width of the forefoot, so the Peg 39 has more forefoot.

Another small difference is that there are now 39 small rectangular boxes on the foot and forefoot of the Peg that expose the midsole. This is where the Peg 39 puts a bit more weight on the rear version.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

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The sole has aggressive lugs that provide excellent traction on light trails and grassy terrain, but due to the firmness of the rubber, the Peg 39 is slippery on wet and wet surfaces.

When it comes to durability, the Pegasus 39 is once again top class. It’s built to last, so you can expect the React midsole to not lose much cushioning over time and the outsole to last longer than the rest of the shoe. The stem is also thick and shows no signs of weakness.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

Flywire makes its triumphant return to the midfoot of the Pegasus 39. The reason Nike switched from Flywire to thicker cuffs on the Peg 37 and 38 was because they were supposed to distribute pressure more evenly across the middle of your foot, but I think Nike realized that Flywire if done right (like Peg 39) doesn’t cut into your legs and it also comes with a weight saving benefit.

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The tongue of the Pegasus 39 is asymmetrical and folded over. Its shape is similar to the tongue of the Peg 36 but much thicker to better protect your foot from body pressure. The tongue is attached to the inner shell so there is no tongue but it does make the shoe very warm. The rest is not very good and even when I walk between 6 and 8 am here in Malaysia, I can’t wait to take off my shoes and freshen up my feet.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

The foothold in the Pegasus 39 is excellent. There is an internal heel cup which provides adequate support as well as double eyelets for the running shoe. I found I prefer using a running knot for a more secure fit, but it doesn’t matter how you use it.

The Pegasus 39 is true to size and has a decent but not roomy toe box. The length is perfect and the width should be comfortable for most normal foot types. Overall, it’s not as comfortable as the Brooks Ghost 14 or the Saucony Ride 15 above, but it’s still very comfortable even for everyday casual wear.

What Is The Most Popular Men's Perfume

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In a way, the Pegasus 39 feels like a laid back, retro version of the Pegasus. reintroduces it

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