What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender – On June 12, the Trump administration issued final regulations to implement Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, revising the Obama-era law. In it, the government removed explicit protections against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation in health care. Due to recent Supreme Court decisions and other legal considerations, there are currently five lawsuits challenging the Trump administration and blocking its implementation. If certain protections under the Obama-era law are removed, it will be easier for healthcare providers to refuse to see transgender people or people who don’t conform to traditional gender norms. Open support based on sexual orientation and gender identity can have important and long-term consequences for the 1.4 million transgender LGBTQ adults living in the United States.

This analysis aims to better understand the experiences of transgender people in the US health care system. We examine the demographic characteristics and health care access of transgender adults aged 18 and older. We analyzed cross-sectional and pooled data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) subsites in 2017 and 2018. We defined adults as transgender based on their responses to survey questions and defined all other adults as cisgender.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

In our analysis, transgender adults were more likely than cisgender adults to be uninsured (19% vs. 12%) and to report cost-related barriers (19% vs. 13%). Transgender adults are also more likely than cisgender adults to be non-Hispanic black and low-income (Figure 1).

New Study Shows Transgender People Who Access Gender Affirming Hormones During Adolescence Are Significantly Less Likely To Experience Psychological Distress Or Suicidal Ideation

Our analysis shows that transgender people differ from cisgender adults in several ways that may affect their access to health care, and that provide a basis for understanding the potential consequences of repealing antidiscrimination protections. Transgender adults are younger, less educated, less likely to have lower income, have poorer health, are more likely to experience lifetime depression, are white, are less likely to be employed, and are less likely to have health insurance. Transgender adults also experience greater barriers to caregiving than cisgender adults. In other words, the barriers to care that transgender people face are similar to those faced by cisgender people.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Past research has shown that young adults with low incomes and people of color are more likely to be uninsured, which may explain some of the differences in demographics and insurance coverage. However, demographic differences alone cannot fully explain why transgender adults have more difficulty accessing care than their peers in certain situations.

Our findings show that despite gender identity-based health care protections in Section 1557, transgender adults face barriers to care. Removing these protections could exacerbate existing access problems, which could create barriers to care among adults at a time when health care access is critical.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Estimate Of U.s. Transgender Population Doubles To 1.4 Million Adults

This work was supported in part by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. We value our suppliers. Maintain full editorial control over all policy analysis, polling, and journalistic activities.

This brief analyzes cross-sectional and pooled data from the 2017 and 2018 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). The BRFSS is an ongoing, state-based, random-dial telephone survey of community-dwelling, non-institutionalized civilian adults. The original BRFSS questionnaire did not include questions about sexual orientation or gender identity. However, the 2017 and 2018 BRFSS offer an additional, integrated module on sexual orientation and gender identity. In each wave of the survey, select states added a sexual orientation and gender identity module to the survey (2017: 27 states and Guam; 2018: 28 states and Guam).

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

In the subset of states that administered the supplemental module, adults were asked whether they identified as transgender. If adults identify themselves as: 1) transgender woman; 2) transgender man; or 3) transgender or gender nonconforming. In this analysis, 23% (n=433) of adults who identified as transgender identified as gender nonconforming. We considered adults who did not identify as transgender to be cisgender. Our study population included 1,872 transgender adults and 430,817 cisgender adults in the subset of states that administered the module in 2017 and 2018. Adults who responded that they did not know or were not sure were excluded from our analysis (n=1). , 684) or adults who refused to answer (n=3, 184).

More U.s. Teens Identify As Transgender, Survey Finds

We examined demographic differences and access to care through questions implemented in the original BRFSS questionnaire. Our estimates of transgender and cisgender adults account for a complex sampling design using BRFSS survey weights, and our analyzes do not include missing values. Disappearances included valid categories such as education (0.3 percent), race/ethnicity (1.6 percent), employment status (0.9 percent), and income (15.4 percent). Because several studies have shown that measuring sex assigned at birth using the BRFSS significantly misclassifies transgender adults, we did not provide estimates of sex at birth. All reported differences in demographics and access to care between transgender and cisgender adults were statistically significant. For all statistical analyses, p<0.05 was reported as statistically significant. About 1.4 million adults in the United States identify as transgender, more than twice the previously widely held estimate, according to an analysis based on new federal and state data.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Amid a national debate over facilities for transgender people, the new figure — just 0.6 percent of the adult population — may raise questions about the adequacy of services to support a larger population than many policymakers realize.

Gary J. Gates, a demographer at U.C.L.A.’s Williams Institute and former director of the study, said, “There’s a saying that you don’t count in politics until someone counts you.” School of Law focusing on legal and policy issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Transgender Students’ Rights Shouldn’t Be Subject To Partisan Feuds

The Williams Institute is a research group that produced the accepted estimate five years ago. His new numbers were drawn from a much larger federal database than was used to reach 0.3 percent, or 700,000 people, previously estimated.

Noting that 18- to 24-year-olds are more likely than older adults to self-identify as transgender, researchers say the new estimates partly reflect an increase in transgender awareness.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Analyzes may reflect limitations of self-reporting in final data acquisition. In some recognized states, more adults identify as transgender. In some of the more resilient states, the survey was anonymous but had fewer adults.

Transphobia Is A Powerful Force In American Politics, But Young Voters Are Leading A Cultural Shift Towards Inclusion

By state, the percentage of adults identifying as transgender ranged from 0.30 percent in North Dakota, 0.31 percent in Iowa, 0.32 percent in Wyoming, 0.78 percent in Hawaii, 0.76 percent in California, and 0.75 percent in Georgia.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

In some states, the results were surprising at first glance. For example, in New York, this percentage was 0.51. In Texas, it was 0.66.

Judy L. “We knew from previous research that trans people outnumbered racial and ethnic minorities, particularly Latinos,” said Herman, a public policy researcher at the institute. And they are young too.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Anti Transgender Legislation In 2021: A Record Breaking Year

“Thus, state demographics by race and age can influence the percentage of trans people in those states,” he added.

Comparable estimates for transgender youth in the United States are not yet available. As difficult as numbers are for adults, numbers are even more difficult for teenagers, who are already in their formative years. Despite being at the center of controversy over school bathroom policies, researchers have yet to agree on a reliable way to count transgender teenagers, especially young children.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

The new numbers come from questions from 19 states that participated in the Comprehensive Telephone Health Survey in 2014 as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. The researchers used data from the Census Bureau to estimate the population of the remaining 31 states.

Survey: Americans Now Less Supportive Of Trans Athletes Playing On Team Of Choice

Mara Kiesling, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based National Center for Transgender Equality, welcomed the new estimate and predicted further increases. As he looked at state data, he pointed to North Carolina, which currently has a controversial bathroom access law and zero discrimination policies. Researchers estimate the state’s transgender population at 44,750.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

“Even if it’s 40, 30,000, it’s a lot more than they thought,” Ms. Kiesling said. It helps us to say don’t use us for political purposes – you have to do something right by us. “We live in large numbers in your state.”

Kurt Conron, a social epidemiologist at the Fenway Institute in Boston, which develops health programs for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, said the new numbers could lead to more effective care planning.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

Covid 19 Data On Trans And Gender Expansive People, Stat!

“This shows that trans seniors need gender-affirming services in nursing homes,” she said. ‚ÄúTrans adults need good health care. In the future, there will be more trans youth who are economically vulnerable and need to go to school.”

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What Percentage Of The Us Is Transgender

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