What Says The Time In Las Vegas

What Says The Time In Las Vegas – A man walks along the normally busy Fremont Street in March after casinos were ordered to close in Las Vegas. Photo: John Locher/AP

The Las Vegas Strip didn’t last long this week when 10,000 casino workers descended on the hallowed boulevard.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

On Tuesday evening, a procession of cars backed up traffic for miles as residents honked their horns and held signs reading “transparency = safety” and “transparency with workers’ lives.”

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Led by housekeepers, bartenders and front-line workers, the event was organized by Unite Here’s Culinary Union Local 226 to demand the casino company “share their full reopening plan.” 60,000 union members in Las Vegas have been out of work since mid-March, when Nevada governor Steve Sisolak ordered the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

As Nevada begins to reopen, there is uncertainty among workers, residents and tourists about what Vegas will look like after the pandemic. The hospitality-centric economy has strained under the shutdown, pushing state governments into deficits, eroding its key tax revenue and drying up unemployment funds. Now, many are worried that the public and private sectors will not be able to survive much longer.

Although Nevada appears to have reached the highest level of Covid-19 cases, many are concerned about the possibility of a second wave, especially in the “Petrish” environment of casinos.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

Current Local Time In Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa

The union wants greater transparency from casinos and stricter protections for workers before their members return to work. Despite what the mayor of Las Vegas claimed, the food union refused to participate in the experiment.

Culinary Union 226 members and supporters marched on the Las Vegas Strip calling on casinos to share plans to reopen on May 12. Photo: Bridget Bennett/AFP via Getty Images

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

In mid-April, Nevada’s gaming control board sent out a six-page memorandum detailing reopening procedures, but it was unclear when casinos would be allowed to begin implementing them, though most plan for the end of the month or early June. The state officially entered phase one of its “recovery map” late last week, but casinos at the heart of the state’s economy remain closed. Casino executives have made it clear they are ready and willing to reopen, but without a clear path forward from the governor, the industry remains in limbo.

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Over the weekend, phase one eased restrictions on “non-essential” businesses located off the Las Vegas Strip, including restaurants, lounges and retail stores. Some Las Vegans, like Pam Cartwright, a hairdresser, have returned to work. Although the hall could only operate at half capacity, it was fully booked on the reopening weekend.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

When asked how her workplace is dealing with the restrictions, Cartwright explained that customers leave the salon with wet hair (the state encourages blowouts to prevent the spread of pathogens). He emptied the cleaning sink and credit card machine between customers while trying to maintain social distancing through musical chairs in the lounge.

“There are a lot of things you don’t think about,” Cartwright said, describing the workplace as safe and clean. But the most obvious challenge is completing his highly physical work while covered in a face mask.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

A sign to remind you of the coronavirus safety measures on display at the El Cortez hotel and casino as it remains closed on May 13. Photo: John Locher/AP

“Any chance I get between customers, I take the mask off. It’s hot. It’s hard to breathe. They shouldn’t be wearing it for eight hours or more.”

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

Cartwright also worked as a union bartender on the Strip, though he was laid off. He said his employer has not released any details about the reopening plan and he fears it could take months.

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For public service industry workers like Cartwright, their concerns go beyond the concept of operating a virus-free workplace. For many hospitality workers, there is constant concern that temporary layoffs will turn into permanent layoffs.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

“Getting the economy back to normal will take time,” said John Restrepo, principal consultant at Vegas-based RCG Economics. “What the new normal will be, we don’t know yet, but it won’t be one where casinos operate at 90% occupancy on weekends.”

Major casino companies such as MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment have announced that they will reopen in stages. MGM Resorts plans to open two properties at a time with 25% occupancy. In a video shared with team members and posted on YouTube, Caesars Entertainment CEO Tony Rodio told the closed employees that the hardest part of their reopening plan is that “we’re not going to be able to bring everyone back right away.” “.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

Mgm’s Ceo Says Tentative Deal To Avoid Strike Will Be Reached With Las Vegas Hotel Workers Union

For unionized workers covered by collective bargaining agreements, most contracts contain language requiring the company to recall laid-off workers based on seniority. But with properties opening in stages and casinos bringing back workers as needed, it’s possible some people won’t return to work for months.

The federal CARES Act increased weekly unemployment benefits and the number of weeks people could receive them, which eased some of the financial burden of Las Vegas workers. But the hike is expected to be completed by the end of July.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

Eden Walton cuts M Sibert’s hair at Makeshift Union Cutting & Grooming on May 9 in Las Vegas. Photo: John Locher/AP

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“I think we are in a very long economic crisis,” Restrepo said. “Cities like Las Vegas depend on consumer confidence and foreign purchasing power… Until we find an effective cure or cure for the virus, we are in ‘virus time’.”

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

As casinos, unions and states work out the details of a safe, phased reopening, a successful recovery ultimately depends on demand. Even though Vegas is open for business, are concerns about the virus keeping tourists from visiting?

“For us out-of-towners, there are a lot of pain points before we get to Vegas,” says Chicago resident and travel podcaster Adam Bauer. “We have to trust the flight process. We have to trust that our hotel is safe. Many people will ask: is it worth my money and time?”

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

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Casino properties such as Wynn Resorts have provided detailed information on how they will create a safe environment for guests. They plan to make significant changes to hotel procedures, from check-in to dining to board games. But with cards placed face down and dealers cleaning up between shots, the hygiene protocol required can detract from the ultimate gaming experience that people specifically travel to Las Vegas to get.

“Cleaning the cheeks and teeth is smart, but one thing players like is the action,” Bauer said. “If the rate slows significantly, it will be difficult to sell.”

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

In the coming weeks, Las Vegas can only offer its best guess as to how to proceed during “virus time”. Until the casino is allowed to turn the lights back on, the city will have to wait and see how the chips fare. In a city that is always looking for something more, World Traveler 52 sees some wonders when he looks back.

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The Las Vegas most travelers know is the neon-lit version, like this one on Fremont Street. Credit… Sebastian Modak / The New York Times

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

In the 1950s, Las Vegans looking to decompress would go to Atomic Liquors on Fremont Street, order an “Atomic cocktail” and head up to the roof to watch the mushroom cloud rise from the nearby Nevada test site. A mile and a half away, famous guru Eddie Thrascher was dealing with troubled customers at his bar who were drunk and banging against the same part of the wall night after night, banging wood behind the drywall. Both locations are still there: Atomic Liquors’ red and yellow sign still points the way to its retro interior. And Thrascher’s location, since 1962, is Dino’s, which today bills itself as “Vegas’ best neighborhood bar.”

It’s easy to be blinded by the bright lights of Las Vegas, blinded by the sound of slot machines and people advertising strip clubs down the street. But right next to a place busy with time and glitter is another place concerned with the past and tied with nostalgia for a “Golden Age” that may not have existed.

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

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It was my first time in Vegas and, like many travelers before me, I started with the Strip. Although I try my best not to prejudge, I find the Strip a hard place to like. When I came down from my room at the new Park MGM for coffee, I found the slot machines full of people at 7:30 a.m., some clearly nearing the end of the night marathon of their lives.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a 10,000 square foot warehouse filled with pinball machines dating back to the 1950s. Credit… Sebastian Modak/The New York Times

What Says The Time In Las Vegas

In those first few days, I felt more alone than anywhere else on this nearly month-long trip, the isolation increased.

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