What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s – The most remarkable thing about women’s shoes in the 1920s was that they were visible! Long dresses of the decade before the shoes covered by women, put their style and jewelry in the family of beautiful clothes – a secret that only the wearer will know. That all changed when the hemlines rose above the ankle and stopped at the knee. Now, shoes are seen and liked and match not only the style of clothes, but also the time. This made clothing designers create new clothes and shoes in mind. They often become shoemakers as well as dressmakers.

The pump with one or more straps and a low 2 inch heel was the most popular shoe of the Roaring Twenties. Falling pumps, the 18th century inspired colonial shoes, walking Oxfords, and other shoe styles. For summer days and sporting events, there is a parka, saddle shoes with two tones, and the original sneaker. Young flappers made galoshes fashionable shoes worn in winter.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

The desire for new shoes and every new style has made fitting shoes a thing of the past. Shoes are now made to measure, ready to buy from your local clothing store or mail order catalog. The shoe industry exploded in the 1920s.

S Style Shoes, Heels, Boots

Shoes for daily wear “Louis” heels, also called tango, curved, Spanish or vintage heels. They are about two inches long. Curved heels went out of fashion in the mid-20s, and were replaced by strong or Cuban soldiers.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

The 1-inch Cuban heel is the most common of house shoes and low-heeled shoes. 1 3/4 inch “Military Heel” is the perfect length for athletic Oxfords and some day heels. Rubber heels were added to walking shoes for comfort and stability in the mid-20s, but leather soles remained the standard.

Pointed toes were popular in the early years and followed the Edwardian shoe trend, before turning to the almond toe in the mid-twenties. They became almost square in the late 1920s.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Lilith Women’s Vintage Flapper T Straps (teal/copper)

Materials – Most shoes are made of leather. Calfskin, kid, suede, lizard, alligator and goat are the most popular. Both matte finish and glossy patent leather are popular every day. Meanwhile, evening shoes need a high heel that shines brightly. Colors for day shoes are now shades of black, brown, gray and brown (called blond). Two different types of leather can be combined with shoelaces and straps to create a unique swirl pattern, color block or texture stop.

Sports shoes and summer heels are made of strong gabardine or cotton fabric. Leather shoes can be used with fabric panels for ventilation. This resulted in two-tone shoes of brown & white or brown & tan, as well as black and ivory combinations. Women who are popular at the end of the decade choose shoes that shine in red, orange, blue, white, and anything that goes together. A red body with blue heels, sometimes with straps, gave some an Art Deco look.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Indoor shoes are fine satin, straw, brocade, velvet, or sheepskin. These can be worn in the evening, for dinner and dancing.

Adult 1920’s Coco Flapper Costume

Belts and buttons (Fasenettas) were covered with precious stones and metal sequins over diamante onyx (shiny black), copper, or pearl. Button closures made ordinary shoes for the poor. As the decade progressed, belts became smaller and were covered with precious stones or metal sequins and/or made into geometric designs. Cuts on the sides, toes and straps add even more skin exposure in many areas for a geometric “Art Deco” look as it grows.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

“Strap pump” shoes were a popular shoe of the 1920s. Single strap shoes on the vamp were called “strap shoes” in the 20s. There are also ropes that cross in an X shape or use 2-4 thin ropes to go long. A small cut on the side that is connected to the belt on the vamp is also common. All the straps on the fashion heels are thin and getting worse as the decade goes on.

Some strings are not bent, but tied with silk ribbon bows. Ribbon loops through the eye on both sides and wrap in the middle. Walking oxfords are often worn with ribbons.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

S Flapper Dress Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

The single-strap vamp, known today as the Mary Jane, was the most popular shoe of the Roaring Twenties. It comes in stylish “flapper” styles as well as practical comfort shoes with low heels and summer shoes. Maids and servants were required to wear many plain Jane shoes with soft soles that did not make noise as they walked around the house.

Mary Jane shoes are the easiest shoes to find today because they don’t go out of style. What was missing was the thread and the very decorative elements.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Lattice pumps are made with wide straps on the vamp with cuts all over, creating a latticed or stained window effect. Most are of the cloth type – somewhere between a low-heeled Oxford and a slip-on pump.

Vintage 1920s Dresses & Flapper Clothes: Fashionable Fabrics, Lengths, Necklines & More

The 1920’s looked back to the 18th century by remaking theater pieces, masquerade gowns, Robe de Style dresses and shoes. Colonial shoes are low-heeled pumps with a beautiful tongue, strap, or small shoe in the middle of the vamp. They are useful for day wear and beautiful for evening when made of silk or satin.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Colonialism inspired the basic liberation movement. Later called the D’Orsay pump, it featured a cutout along the vamp, a smaller toe box, and more embellishments. Some pumps like colonial shoes have straps or cute bows on the toe box.

The most popular strap shoes are the Sally Pump, T-Strap, or T-Bar (British). It doesn’t have a strap that goes from the toe to the vamp, and then crosses the vamp to make a “T” shape. This type appeared for a short time in the early twenties and slowly returned in the late twenties, the next big explosion in the 30s. T-straps allow shoes to stay on, and show as much skin (errr, socks) as possible. Women learn that they are perfect for a night of dancing.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Fashions During The Flapper Era

Women can wear one of the heels and pumps above for a night out. However, for those special evening shoes or dancing shoes, women bought shiny satin pumps. Black or white satin with a shine, and black patent leather pumps are the best. Long evening dresses are sold with purple satin shoes that can be any color found in the dress.

Silver and gold piercings and heels were popular at the end of the decade. The height of the heel is increased by almost 3 inches and added to the “spike” heel.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Many shoe designers hand-paint shoes with swirls of gold, silver, red and blue inspired by Asia or Greece. Rhinestones, sequins or diamant√© are also added to many heels. The more “bling”, the better.

Flapper Woman Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Not all shoes in the 1920s were elegant heels. Women have a selection of casual shoes for everyday wear around the house, running, traveling, and playing in the summer. At first glance, they may look like heels, but in the 1920s, these were considered normal. The heel height is lowered, the straps are rounded, and the colors are different than those of the classic models.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Solid oxford shoes were the everyday women’s shoes of the 1920s. They became even more popular in the 1930s when the trend was for practicality, rather than good looks. 1920’s Oxfords were mostly plain leather with cap toes and large and short 1 to 1 and 3/4 inch military heels. Oxfords close the vamp with 3-5 stitches and tie it with a round belt or flat ribbon belt. Many Oxfords featured a new rubber heel, which made walking shoes more comfortable.

High heels dress up Oxfords, especially with pretty ribbons and contrasting trims. They can be worn with day and night dresses or casual separates.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

Flapper Defends Daring Frocks In 1926

Low heels, almost flat oxfords, are practical shoes for housework, sports, entertainment, or any activity that requires a lot of walking or standing. Working women, housewives, the elderly, students and the poor turn to these simple shoes for all-day comfort at low prices. Some sports models come with holes or nubs in the heel for grip on grass.

The most sporty types of Oxford shoes are made in two colors such as brown and white, black and white, brown and fawn (tan), or gray and white. In the summer, white leather and linen can be replaced with patent leather, suede or linen. As the decade progressed, Oxford had two increasingly popular voices. Instead of a color like a saddle shoe, a dark color cuts the shoe in half. Laces are also different from the cut.

What Shoes Did Flappers Wear In The 1920s

White summer shoes also come in Mary Jane heels, T-straps, pumps, sandals and slippers with low heels. Some featured recesses and openings in the toe box. White shoes and white clothes and white tennis shoes are almost always worn

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