What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now – Being just a few degrees north of the equator, Ghana’s average temperature is cool throughout the year.

The warm tropical climate includes both wet and dry seasons. Both offer their own pitfalls and pitfalls. The wet season is the best time to visit the northern part of the country, where the heat can be stifling all year round, but it’s the dusty dry season that offers the region’s best natural viewing. Generally, Ghana’s mildest temperatures are found in the higher elevations, such as the Ashanti Highlands, with humid coastal areas such as Accra and Cape Coast. The further north you go, the hotter and drier it gets.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

When you decide to visit Ghana, you will always find many wonderful experiences, of which the colorful festival calendar is one of the special calling cards of the country. Season by season, month by month, here’s our guide to the best times to visit Ghana.

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Ghana’s high season is also the dry season, which runs from November to March. With little rainfall, traveling around the country is relatively easy on Ghana’s well-maintained road network.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

These months are a particularly good time to visit the southern part of the country, including the capital, Accra. In fact, many Accra residents say that December is the best month to visit, as the festivities are in full swing and festivals like Afrochella – a celebration of African music, fashion, art and culture – promote a festive spirit. One event to watch throughout the year is the Ashanti Akwasida festival held in Kumaon. Held every sixth Sunday based on the Ashanti calendar, it includes a lot of drumming and dancing, along with a grand procession of the Ashanti king and his entourage.

Although the weather is relatively dusty and dry during this period, the result of the Saharan winds crossing West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea – less rain, less humidity (which means less mosquitoes), cooler temperatures, just a little (but a lot) . prominent) degree. with

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

The Best Time To Visit Ghana

The harmattan is the name of these cool, dry winds that cause foggy air, not to mention dry skin, eyes and throat. Apply local butter to keep your skin moisturized, and remember that cloudy skies can make for less-than-stellar photography. Winds can also cause flight delays or cancellations due to poor visibility, especially in Tamale and elsewhere in northern Ghana.

Ghana’s dry season is the best time for wildlife viewing, especially from December to March, the country’s driest months. At this point, you’ll find elephants from Moli National Park and other reserves congregating around the remaining waterholes, more rugged terrain and easier to spot monkeys, chimpanzees and rhinos.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

March is generally Ghana’s hottest month, although it rains (and provides a cooling period) throughout.

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Although still part of the rainy season, September and October are when most tourists from Europe and North America come and go and the country’s harvest festivals begin. This is the best time to visit the northern part of Ghana, where the rain is constantly cooling. In November, it stopped raining in the south, but the Saharan winds had not yet arrived. All three months are great times to visit for those looking for fewer crowds, relatively mild weather, and plenty of events.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Low season in Ghana is the wet season, humid and sticky, but with cooler temperatures and a burst of vegetation. Rain can range from a passing shower to a day of rain.

Inland travel is limited due to flooding along the way, but there is still plenty to see and do in the far reaches of the country.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

In southern Ghana, April, May and June are the wettest months of the year. The rain decreases slightly in July and August (although still heavy) and from September to October. With relatively clear skies and plenty of greenery, it’s a great time to take photos. In the northern part of the country, it rains continuously, which cools the heat and makes the weather more bearable. However, this is also the time when mosquitoes are most common, so be sure to be careful.

Although these rainy months are Ghana’s low season, the country sees a surge in European and North American tourists between June and August (Ghana’s peak months), so book your flights and accommodation early.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Wildlife is easier to spot during Ghana’s dry season, especially from December to March © Frans Lanting/Getty Images

Time Out Accra

In January, there was the least rainfall in the country as the Harmattan winds created dust. There is a lot of wildlife.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

The harmattan winds remain active, as does the wildlife that surrounds the waterholes in places like Molma National Park.

March is Ghana’s hottest month, although the rains can start at any time. There will also be turbulence to the north: strong, sudden winds lasting only a few minutes.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

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As the dry season ends, Ghanaians eagerly await the rain © Gerhard Pettersson/Shutterstock

April marks the official start of Ghana’s wet season and low season. Heavy rains can wash out most roads, especially in the central part of the country, although solid infrastructure makes most roads safe to travel on.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Precipitation in May is usually heavy, especially in the central and southern part of the country. The temperature is also slightly cooler.

Current Local Time In Accra, Ghana

Usually the wettest month in Ghana and still low season, June keeps cities like Accra busy as tourists from Europe and North America start arriving for their summer holidays.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

In July, the rain often stops in southern Ghana and tourism from western countries is still high. This is a good time to visit the northern and southern regions of Ghana, as the weather is slightly cooler in the north, but days are generally hot and dry in areas such as Accra and Cape Coast.

Although the rains are still persistent in southern Ghana, August is usually the windiest and coldest month in the country. European and American tourists still flock here and PANAFEST usually lasts for months.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Of The Best Things To Do In Accra, Ghana

Colorful processions are a feature of many of Ghana’s annual festivals, including Cape Coast’s Fetu Afahye © MyLoupe/Getty Images

By September, most of the West Coast tourists had dispersed, and although the rains had started again in the south, it was time for the harvest festivals to begin. Rain continues in the north, but the weather is cooler and more tolerable than other months.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

The general weather in Ghana remains cool and humid and the Harmattan winds are still prevalent. The harvest festival is in full swing, the rains have mostly stopped in southern Ghana and winds are blowing in the north. October is a good month to visit.

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November is another good month to visit. Rain spreads to the south and ends in the north, and the weather remains relatively cool and humid. Harmattan winds are getting ready to rise, but they haven’t arrived yet.

What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

With expats from Ghana flying home to celebrate Christmas, there is plenty of festivities and merriment in December, although some shops are closed so families can be together. For a local feel, December is a great month to visit. Although winds in the Sahara are more likely to increase, wildlife can be seen in northern areas as more animals make their way to the limited number of waterholes.

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What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

Best Things To Do In Accra And Ghana

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What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

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What Time Is It In Accra Ghana Right Now

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