Where Are The Platters Now

Where Are The Platters Now – A multiplatinum, rock and roll, vocal group and member of the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Platters originally consisted of founding and name members Herb Reed, Tony Williams, Paul Robbie, Zola Taylor and David Lynch. In 1955, the quintet broke through the racial divide in the United States, paving the way for them to become one of the most prominent vocal groups of all time.

The Platters’ debut hit single, “Only You (And You Alone),” launched the vocal group as superstars on the world stage. A famous American DJ named Alan Freed accidentally played their Mercury Records single on the air during “prime” time traditionally reserved for “white artists”. The ballad, based on the Tin Pan Alley sound of the day, became an instant hit with the public and eventually peaked at number five on the pop charts, igniting the sound of rock and roll.

Where Are The Platters Now

Where Are The Platters Now

Shortly after their chart-topping debut, The Platters released “The Great Pretender,” which catapulted them to No. 1 and provided the launch pad for their meteoric rise as crossover artists. As a result, they became the first African-American group to achieve international superstardom. Both tracks were named Songs of the 21st Century by the Grammy Music Hall of Fame.

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With such classics as “The Great Pretender,” “Only You,” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” the Platters became one of the greatest vocal groups of the early rock and roll era. Led by their producer, Buck Ramm, the Platters had hit after hit in the mid-’50s and ’60s. Their sound was unique, highlighted by the powerful voice of lead singer Tony Williams and the feminine touch of singer Zola Taylor.

Where Are The Platters Now

Using Ram’s pop lyrical classics as their musical palette, the group quickly became a pop and R&B success, eventually earning The Platters the distinction of being the era’s first black act to top the pop charts. Considered the most romantic of early rock and roll bands (that is, the ultimate in “making music”), hit after hit emerged seemingly effortlessly: “Only You,” “The Great Pretender,” “My Prayer,” “Twilight Time,” “Smoke Gates.” “In Your Eyes,” “Harbor Lights,” all established the Platters as one of the best early rock and roll bands.

Although competing accounts of so-called Platters groups have confused the public for years, the latest in a series of contemporaneous US federal court cases, beginning in 2010, led to a court ruling that Reid had superior rights to the group’s iconography over all others. a name This action strengthened his ownership, performance and other intellectual property rights of The Platters brand. As a result, a list that once numbered hundreds of fraudsters or big-time fraudsters who duped the public by claiming to be affiliated with or associated with the legendary group was finally scrapped.

Where Are The Platters Now

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The Platters’ vocal evolution continues today with the sharp vocal stylings of members Wayne Miller, Adele “DD” Galinda Martin, Kenny Williams and Lance Bernard Bryant under the musical direction of Michael Larson.

The talented vocalists who comprise today’s touring band continue to open the hearts and minds of a new generation of music consumers to the rich sonic and historical legacy of The Platters — making their timeless melodies relevant to all ages worldwide. In 1952-53, bassist Herb Reed formed The Platters, who later became Rock ‘n’ Roll, Vocal, and Grammy Hall of Fame artists. It was the first black act to gain mass acceptance on the world stage and the first group to achieve international superstar status. He was the only vocalist to appear with the band from its inception until his death in June 2012, and appeared on over 400+ recordings, making him the only band member to perform continuously with The Platters until his death in 2012.

Where Are The Platters Now

Seventy years after our group was founded, we live on in Reid’s legacy, despite decades of tumultuous history of racism and attempts to steal identity by unscrupulous identity thieves in the United States and abroad.

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At age 15, Herb Reed ran away from his physically and emotionally abusive home in Kansas City, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California. After meeting friends, “couch-surfing,” and finally settling into a stable foster home, he briefly enlisted in the U.S. Army. Upon his discharge, he quickly reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and found himself “singing under the lights” on street corners with talented singers including Alex Hodge, Joe Jefferson, and Cornell Gunter, the first members he recruited to sing in his vocal group.

Where Are The Platters Now

Ralph Bass of Federal Records wanted to record the band but still needed an official name. Sitting around a kitchen table, Reid thought about the “platter,” also known as a record player’s turntable, that spins vinyl records. Thus the name Platters was born!

Bass decided to use a tune written by his friend Buck Ram, but the label later deemed it “unreleaseable”, so he asked Ram to sign the group under his wing and coach them to success. The vocal lineup kept changing. Before starting The Coasters, Gunter left The Platters and joined The Flares. Hodge was replaced by Tony Williams, Paul Robbie and David Lynch. The Platters never achieved commercial success under Bass’ management.

Where Are The Platters Now

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Aries eventually became The Platters’ manager and producer. Just before entering the studio to re-record exclusively for Mercury Records, 15-year-old Zola Taylor was added to our gender-bending vocal group, a rarity in the ’50s.

In 1955, Only You, recorded by the then third generation singers of The Platters, was played on the radio by the legendary DJ Alan Freed and put us at the top of the US music charts! The most stylish, romantic and groundbreaking band of the early rock ‘n’ roll era, the ultimate band of “make-out music”, the Platters created a string of hits. In addition to Only You, our third vocal line-up of Reid, Williams, Lynch, Robbie and Taylor has effortlessly achieved domestic and international chart success with a number of tracks including timeless hits, The Great Pretender, My Prayer, Twilight Time and Rook. Coming into your eyes, the harbor lights and many more.

Where Are The Platters Now

In 1959, Reed, Lynch, and Roby were arrested after appearing in the Buckeye State for violating Ohio’s “Jim Crow Race Laws.” At that time it was illegal for blacks to lodge white girls in hotel rooms.

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They were eventually acquitted, but not before Ram and Mercury Records relocated The Platters to Europe following the scandal. Williams took advantage of the situation and left the group to pursue a solo career, replacing him with singer Sonny Turner. In what appears to be an act of poetic justice, the group relocates to Paris, France, enabling us to become the first African-American vocal group to become global superstars.

Where Are The Platters Now

When the group eventually returned to the US, Turner would record lead vocals on several tracks for the Musicer label, while the Platters made a measured revival during the “beach music” years with modest hits such as Love You 1000 Times and With This Ring. Soon after, Taylor was replaced by Sandra Dawn and Robbie by Nate Nelson. Constant personnel changes earned the Platters the nickname Many Voices One Name.

Turner left the group in 1970. Reed fired manager Ram and continued performing as The Platters, or “Herb Reed and the Platters”. Unfortunately, many musical identity thieves, including former members of the group, falsely referred to themselves as the Platters in the US and abroad, causing great confusion among music consumers.

Where Are The Platters Now

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In 2005, Frederick J., president of Balboni Communications Group LLC (BCG). Reed hired Balboni Jr. as its manager. At Balboni’s direction, Reed formed Herb Reed Enterprises LLC (HRE) to consolidate his business. Balboni and Reid assemble a formidable legal team to stop The Platter’s “cheaters.” After years of litigation that reached the United States Supreme Court, it was determined that Reed had superior rights to the name, was the only original member, and was thus entitled to the coveted trademark of The Platter. Additionally, he is the only vocal group member to have recorded more than 400 tracks on The Platters’ official recordings.

Today, BCG and HRE (www.bcg-hre.com) carry on the legacy of Reed and the respected official, domestic and international brand The Platters.

Where Are The Platters Now

The music that underpins this vocal powerhouse is as relevant and unwavering today as it was in its beginnings. In December 2019, Twilight Time featured prominently in global Sony PlayStation Now┬« radio, TV and online advertising campaigns. The classic hit plays a central role in the Marvel Studios – Disney + award-winning “Wanda Vision” series, effectively welcoming Platters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. View this 2020 post group record

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