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Where Are We Located Right Now – Keep your jig: Email marketing isn’t just for the rhythmically-challenged. It is still a key marketing channel in 2023 and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Here are the top five email marketing trends of 2023 on the horizon, plus ways to implement them now.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Where Are We Located Right Now

Like the advent of GDPR and cookie tracking permissions on websites, we too live in a post-email privacy world.

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Thanks to the launch of Apple Mail Privacy Protection in Q4 2021, email marketers are already used to working with limited data. With Apple’s update, iPhone, iPad and Mac users can choose to hide their email address when subscribing to newsletters or apps, and hide their IP address from email service providers (ESPs).

Where Are We Located Right Now

At least, not very accurately. Since Apple’s privacy protection uploads tracking images through a proxy server, it won’t report opens in progress or false opens.

Apple Mail has 57% of the current email client market share (as of July 2022), so even if your remaining 43% of opens are tracked accurately, you can’t count on that.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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Break your addiction to generic tracking methods and focus on what’s important: who’s interested in specific offers and what your most popular content is.

Your email platform likely provides analytics details for what each user clicked and your most popular email clicks overall. But be sure to add your UTM parameters as well. This allows you to understand the meaning of email marketing data per campaign in a broader context like Google Analytics versus your other traffic.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Pssst: If you use Sendwithus as your ESP, you can save a lot of time by setting default UTM parameters for each template.

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In addition to making your email content interesting enough to click (#duh), try adding a quick response selector at the bottom of your email. This gives someone a reason to click and provides valuable insight into what content your audience likes, whether or not they click elsewhere in the email.

Where Are We Located Right Now

As discussed earlier, open rates are closed. We know those numbers are never 100% accurate due to the plethora of privacy tools available in email applications.

Instead, look at your subscribe/unsubscribe ratio as a quick snapshot of your list’s overall health. But for the real information you need to evaluate your email marketing strategy, you need to dig deep.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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Email expert Chad S. According to White, the key metrics to watch out for are a mix of zero and first-party data.

Want an easy way to collect it? Try AMP for email surveys where users can tap their response from an email without leaving their inbox, like this example from GoDaddy.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Dynamic AMP content for email easily updates your email. With In-Mail apps, you can drag and drop blocks to turn your emails into a data-gathering machine that your subscribers want to interact with.

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People expect personalization: Half (49%) of your contacts say they will become repeat customers if they offer a personalized experience. But only 35% of brands believe they do a good job of delivering these experiences.

Where Are We Located Right Now

The expectation to personalize increases each year, jumping eight points from 2020 to 2022. 88% of consumers now say that the experience provided by a company is as important as the quality of the product or service.

AMP for email fits perfectly here because it uses customer account data to personalize the experience. It also dynamically updates each time the email is opened, so the information is always up-to-date, just like a web page.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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The possibilities are endless, but one common use is eCommerce order tracking. No more sending 5 status update emails and clogging up customer inboxes. They get everything they need in a single email that automatically updates every time they access it.

Gone are the days where you have to force users to click on a link to complete the action you want them to take. With interactive emails, customers can view stock levels in real time, add items to their cart, complete checkout right from email, and more.

Where Are We Located Right Now

In addition to reducing friction, customers want interactive email. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of people say they engage with responsive email content.

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For service providers, your subscribers can complete an appointment reservation in an email, without the need to click through to a landing page. AMP booking feature via email can increase conversions by 300%.

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Setting up appointment bookings is easy with SimplyBook.me integration. You can create booking flows from quick one-click clicks to multi-step service selections.

It’s easy to think of email as just a sales tool, but don’t forget its true purpose: to create a connection between your brand and your audience.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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Yes, product promotions and discounts are important, but newsletters are still number one: 81% of brands send them.

When done right, newsletters can educate your audience and make them feel more connected to your brand. But they can be a liability if your newsletter content misses the mark. Interactive topics are the number one reason people unsubscribe from newsletters.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Mitigate this problem by allowing your subscribers to compose what they receive from you. Having an email opt-in center shows your subscribers that you respect their time, inbox, and privacy.

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This page can be as simple or complex as you like. More options give your subscribers more control, but they can also be harder to fill.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Henry’s Camera does it all, allowing users to personalize their email content based on camera type and brand, while gathering useful information to categorize users by skill level or occupation (hobbyist or professional photographer).

Again, the AMP email feature makes updating preferences much easier for your subscribers. Instead of clicking through to a web page and potentially logging into your account to update your profile, you can create an in-mail preference center.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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When clicking “Manage my email preferences” in an AMP-based email, a box like this one may appear, with checkboxes allowing users to tap what they want to receive.

While there is no drag and drop feature yet, you can conveniently customize your newsletter with custom AMP for email tagging. While the opt-in web page is still a great option, the AMP version represents the cutting edge of simple permission-based marketing.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Cheesy? Sure, but with the rise of email privacy controls like Apple Mail Privacy Protection and government legislation, knowing your audience is key to marketing success.

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Sounds simple, but it can take some time to change your strategy from reporting simple metrics like opens and clicks, identifying your key content, and planning what questions to ask your audience and how often.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Don’t despair – you can implement AMP for email tools like package tracking, appointment booking and more with just a few clicks. Browse the app library in your inbox for all the drag and drop features you can start using today.

2023 will be here before you know it. Start modernizing email marketing by implementing these five email marketing trends today.

Where Are We Located Right Now

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Share There are 5 ages in the life cycle of the universe. Now we are in another era. on Facebook

Share There are 5 ages in the life cycle of the universe. Now we are in another era. on Twitter

Where Are We Located Right Now

Share There are 5 ages in the life cycle of the universe. Now we are in another era. On Linkedin

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If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a dark place under a clear sky on a moonless night, a beautiful space landscape of stars awaits you. If you have binoculars and point them straight up, you are presented with an incredibly dense background of countless pinpoints of light everywhere, stacked on top of each other, digging out and back through space and time. This is the universe of the cosmic age in which we live. It is called stellifera and there are four more.

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Image based on a logarithmic map of the universe by Princeton University researchers and images produced by NASA based on observations made by their telescopes and mobile spacecraft. Image source: Pablo Carlos Budassi

There are many ways to think about and discuss the past, present, and future of the universe, but one in particular has captured the imagination of many astronomers. First published in 1999 in their book The Five Ages of the Universe: Inside the Physics of Eternity, Fred Adams and Gregory Laughlin divided the life history of the universe into five ages:

Where Are We Located Right Now

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It is worth noting that not everyone subscribes to the book’s formulation. Renowned astrophysics author Ethan C. Siegel, for example, published an article on Medium last June titled “We’ve Entered the Sixth and Final Age of Our Universe.” However, many astronomers find the quintet a useful way to discuss such extraordinarily large amounts of time.

This is where the universe begins, although exactly what came before it and where it came from is still a matter of debate. It begins with the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago.

Where Are We Located Right Now

Little, little time, space-time and the laws of physics are believed to not exist yet

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