Where Did They Film Hogwarts

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Since I am a small potato, my mind often jumps to the most important questions in life…

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Growing up with Swiffers instead of broomsticks, and sippy cups instead of goblets, I guess you can say that the wizard’s life has eluded my somewhat sad soul.

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But hey, just because my owl never arrived doesn’t mean I can’t spend some awesome time exploring Hogwarts in real life (or maybe move there?) I mean, maybe maybe they will bribe me?

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

However, I think that if I am a little sad to want to find Hogwarts in real life, there are probably many people who are interested as well. So, dear sad friends, you have found the right place. *cookie hand*

This guide will take you through a comprehensive list of the best Hogwarts locations in Harry Potter, and how to find them! Many places in England and Scotland have been named after Hogwarts over the years, and today we are talking about them all!

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Harry Potter Filming Locations In Lacock You Need To Visit

PS: If you want to see all the Harry Potter movie locations that you can visit in real life, you can read it here.

Honestly, it gave me all the motivation in the world to not only shout “yes, it’s true” while throwing myself against the brick wall of the train…

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

But actually, I have to tell you the truth: Hogwarts Castle is not a real place.

For The

But while Hogwarts Castle isn’t real, the Hogwarts we’ve grown to love from absorbing movies is a place we want fans to be able to visit… one way or another.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

However, in real life, as I said, the Hogwarts castle that we have come to know through many movies is actually CGI, structures and places around the UK, Including castles, cathedrals, and many schools.

In keeping with my duty as a head dork, I decided to do research on all the places that stood at Hogwarts over the years, from the studios and sets to the real life places that you can see for yourself.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Harry Potter’s Cambridge

PS: If you are interested in this topic like me, I recommend the beautiful book of Harry Potter: Magical Places from the movie. It is full of fun facts, production photos, illustrations and more… More research for this post!

Let’s be real: the exterior, the main facade of Hogwarts, is one of the characteristics of this magnificent castle. So, how do you see Hogwarts Castle in real life? Here are some places to go.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

This is where they have been filming Harry Potter for over 10 years, and of course you will be able to see many of the clothes and costumes they used in the production.

Fantastic Cotswolds Film Locations: The Ultimate Guide (with Map)

Near the end of the exhibit/tour is where you will see a beautiful model of Hogwarts, brought to life over the years with the help of CGI. It’s time and it’s amazing and I’m going to cry.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Castles in England have more options than Studio Tour! Why not visit Alnwick Castle, a popular photo spot

Most notably, you see this castle during Madam Hooch’s first flying lesson, Harry’s Quidditch lesson with Oliver Wood, Harry and Ron’s Ford Anglia crashing into the Whomping Willow, and also elsewhere during The exterior of Hogwarts is shown (like Hagrid carrying in. the Christmas tree).

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Harry Potter Filming Locations In Oxford

Real talk: This castle is SO into the Harry Potter theme that they do real broomstick training and look “place” pretty cool. It’s in the north east of England in Northumberland, but don’t worry – it’s a doable and cheap day trip from Edinburgh.

Note: This is the only castle where Harry Potter was filmed – most of the other film locations used the church. School buildings, and natural landscapes around England, not really castles!

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

This is a lie, but if you want the chance to see the glittering stones of Hogwarts in real life, your last choice is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida or Universal Studios in Hollywood. .

Harry Potter: 4 Reasons Hogwarts Would Be Shut Down Immediately In Real Life

Of course they are parks, but (I cry a lot about the whole thing in Hollywood), I can confirm that there is nothing disappointing or disappointing about parks, no price 😉

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Not only do Hogwarts Castles in these parks make for a great ride inside (seriously, one of the best I’ve ever experienced!), the waiting area is designed to look like the inside of the Hogwarts set.

In addition, the park is full of other amazing Harry Potter events such as try butterbeer, lunch at Three Broomsticks, save your money at Honeyduke and more.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Where You Should Travel Based On Your Hogwarts House

This is one adventure you should check out if you want to see Hogwarts in real life…. Trust me!

Butterbeer can be bought hot or cold – I can confirm that the cold meets all the children’s expectations

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

One of the most special creations in the Harry Potter universe for me is the Great Hall: long wooden tables dressed with glass chairs and shiny bowls, thousands of candles floating in the air…. And of course, a feast full of wonderful English dishes that I didn’t understand, such as treacle tart and … dick pudding dots. Hello

Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit In Real Life

It was my childhood dream to one day see a big office for myself and If you share that dream, I am happy to announce that you can do it.! This is how you can see the Mansion (or elements of it) in real life.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

In the first two Harry Potter films, Christchurch College in Oxford was used as the Hogwarts set for several scenes.

When Ron and Harry run into Filch after crashing the Ford Anglia and in the flashback scene with Tom Riddle.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

What Hogwarts Design Changes?

And while he didn’t film in Christchurch’s Great Hall itself, it’s also interesting that the Great Hall in Leavesden took a lot of inspiration from him, making the same kind of building.

You can learn more about the connections (and of course, skip the long lines) by booking an insider’s Christchurch Harry Potter tour.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

I visited the Christchurch Great Hall on my trip to Oxford a few years ago and my jaw hit the floor.

Hogwarts, The Castles Behind It — Flo’s History

Of course, it wasn’t the same as the main hall, but it was close, and it was incredible to think that this was a real building used by real muggle students. No fluorescent dining room lights here, of course.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Lesson: study hard, and you’ll probably be able to store your sugar in a pseudo-Hogwarts cafeteria one day. Or just a Harry Potter themed Oxford tour, because, of course there is!

PS: Christchurch College also makes a brief appearance in Philosopher’s Stone when Hermione is showing Harry her father’s Quidditch trophy.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Where Was Harry Potter Filmed? 7 Locations You Can Visit

The big house, like the place where they make all the movies, you have to visit the Warner Bros studio again in Leavesden.

As I said, the light was modeled after the Great Hall in Christchurch, however the design was inspired by important buildings in England such as the Houses of Parliaments’ Westminster Hall , which is thought to have inspired the Great Hall’s ceiling.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Note: Keep your eyes on the official Warner Bros Studio Tour website. Sometimes they have special events that they hold in the main building such as special breakfasts, etc. So you can spend more time on the set instead of walking around for pictures!

Why Some Tourists Are Mistaking Sydney University For Hogwarts

The beautiful Hogwarts Express class train, Hagrid happily waving you off at the end of the school year … Like, I’m falling into nostalgia for events that never happened?

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

The Hogwarts Express is a train that operates in Scotland called the Jacobite Express (you can book it here!), but the station where they were photographed is Goathland Railway Station, which you can visit make yourself easy!

Not much this isn’t an opportunity to fangirl over the parking lot, which looks pretty much like it does in the movies (minus the CGI Hogwarts in the background), but hey , it is a must for die-hard fans.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Incredibly Detailed Model Of Hogwarts Castle Used For Every Harry Potter Film Is Revealed For The First Time

If your goal is to see the real Hogwarts station for yourself, then go to Goathland train station, which also serves as a stop for Hogsmeade.

If it’s the Hogwarts dorms you want to visit, then you’ll find them on the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Leavesden.

Where Did They Film Hogwarts

Some fun facts about the dorms: Gryffindor rooms often use red tapestries that have been recreated as tapestries from the Cluny Museum in Paris. The best piece is a 15th century piece called Lady and Unicorn, and one of the designers really liked it.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter (universal Orlando Resort)

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