Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam – Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and an important North Sea port (via IJmuiden), as well as the Amstel (Rhine) river cruise port. The port’s cruise schedule mainly includes ships with return trips through the UK and the Baltic Sea. Amsterdam is also a watershed/home port for river cruises, with routes on the Rhine, Moselle and Dutch waterways.

The city has a population of about 1 million (urban 1.35 million, metro at 2.43 million). The Randstad Megalopolis (which, in addition to Amsterdam, also includes Rotterdam and The Hague) has approximately 7 million inhabitants. The city of Amsterdam itself is one of the most visited tourist travel destinations in the world and one of the art capitals of Europe. It has a unique history, great canal belt, world famous museums, a wide choice of city tours and shore excursions.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

IMPORTANT: On July 22, 2023, the City Council voted to ban ocean cruise ships in order to limit mass tourism and reduce air and noise pollution. The ban could lead to the closure and relocation of the port’s main cruise terminal on the IJ.

Six New Viking River Longships Christened In Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam (officially “Haven van Amsterdam”, local NLAMS) is a major seaport serving Amsterdam. It is currently ranked as the 2nd largest cargo port on the Baltic Sea (after Aarhus). The port is located on an old bay and is connected to the North Sea via the North Sea Canal.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

In the 17th century (during the so-called Dutch Golden Age), Amsterdam was one of the main seaports of the Dutch East India Company – the first multinational company in the world (founded in 1602). Today it is the second largest cargo port in the Netherlands – after Rotterdam. The port in 2014 showed statistics as handling ocean freight ~97.4 million tons. In comparison, in 2008, the port handled 6,029 ocean-going vessels and 75.8 million tons of cargo and 435,129 TEUs (containers).

Every year, the port of Amsterdam handles around 50,000 ships (shipping, river ships, inland vessels). The total area of ​​the port is 6.2 km2 (2.4 mi2) of waterway and more than 20 km2 (7.7 mi2) of land area (quay, road, rail, green area). The port has several ports, which are also part of the city municipalities (called Westpoort, Westerpark, Centrum, Zeeburg). The list of harbors (ports) includes Africa, America, West Harbour, Jan van Riebeeck, Petroleum, Coen, Mercurius, Hout, De Ruijterkade (Ruijterkade), Eastern Trade Quay.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

Amsterdam (netherlands North Holland) Cruise Port Schedule

In 2017, the positive economy of the Netherlands led to a 2.5% increase in shipping volumes in the Port of Amsterdam – to 81.3 million tonnes of cargo. Together with other ports of the North Sea Canal, the total throughput volume reached a record 100.8 million tonnes of freight. In Port IJmuiden, growth was 7% (to 18.5 million tonnes). The increase of Port Beverwijk was 6% (800,000 million tonnes). The increase of Port Zaanstad was 35% (300,000 tons). The increase in Ro-Ro shipping in the port was 11% (1.9 million tonnes). Imports increased by 4% (to 50.9 million tonnes). Exports remained unchanged (30.4 million tonnes).

In 2017, they issued 18 hectares of land (11 hectares in 2016). The recipients of the land were Bio Energy Netherlands (biomass plant that generates electricity from wood waste and raw materials for the Dutch chemical industry) and Chaincraft (biotech company that converts biomass into fatty acids). Borghese Real Estate and DHL (logistics) are expanding in Atlaspark. Two new facilities have been realized at the HoogTij park (Gam BAKKER, Container terminal CTV Vrede Steinweg) in which the Port of Amsterdam is a participant. The port also had 10 hectares of land on the north side of the North Sea Canal.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

In November 2017, the port announced its goal of achieving a 50% reduction in emissions (NOx, SOx, soot particles) from sea cruise ships by 2030. . pollution from diesel generators in all public places (located within the city ring road) before 2018.

Guided Tour Through Viking River Cruise’s Longship viking Odin

In January 2018, the Port of Amsterdam signed a long-term contract with Titan LNG for the base (FlexFueler001, in America Harbor) of the company’s bunker barge. This was the first such establishment in Europe. Its central location in the port allows the handling of LNG by both trucks and special ships, making it independent of large-scale LNG terminals. America Harbor (draft 9.7 m) can handle both inland and seagoing vessels together with FlexFueler. The number of ships powered by LNG is growing rapidly (via dry dock conversion and new construction) because this fuel is cost effective, suitable for different types of ships and environmentally friendly. LNG completely removes SOx and soot particles, reducing NOx emissions (up to 85%) and CO2 emissions. In August 2018, the port began offering a double “ESI rebate” (Ship Environmental Index) for ESI and LNG powered certification. container

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

In December 2018, Port of Amsterdam conducted a 4-week trial with MADS (Marine Anti Drone System). This program was to determine where and why drones (legal and illegal) fly over land areas of ports. MADS detects and identifies drones flying at a distance of 5 km (3 miles). The system provides GPS coordinates of both the device and the pilot, as well as the drone’s speed and heading. More and more seaports around the world are starting to deploy drones for various purposes, such as infrastructure inspections and environmental measurements.

In mid-December 2018, construction of the Amsterdam plastic recycling project started – a collaboration with Umincorp (based in Rotterdam) and Milieu Service Nederland (based in Diemen). The new recycling plant has an annual capacity of 17,000 tons. The collected plastic is washed, shredded, separated (via magnetic density separation), then sorted and processed into packaging material.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

The Complete Guide To A Viking River Cruise

For financial year 2018 (fiscal year), Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV (port authority) reported a net profit of EUR 68.5 million (12.5% ​​increase compared to EUR 60.9 million in 2017) and a turnover increase of 5% (EUR 157.4 million ). million dollars), mainly due to the allocation of land totaling 45.1 hectares (18 hectares in 2017) and increased port charges due to the increased volume of transhipment cargo (82.3 million tons / 81.3 million in 2017) . The added value of the port increased by 4% (to EUR 7.2 billion), the work – by 2% (to 68,399 ports related to work), the throughput of cargo volume in the North Sea Canal area reached 101.8 million tons. The total number of ship visits to the port increased by 7% (to 17,952 / 16,813 in 2017). The port handled 180 cruise ship calls plus cruise ship calls in 2007. The port investments amounted to 53.3 million euros (40% increase compared to 31.9 million euros in 2017).

In March 2019, they inaugurated 4 new berths in Afrikahaven that serve in liquid bulk carriers – blue tanks with a cone marked for the transport of flammable materials. In the period from November 2017 to February 2019, a total of 18 new berths were built in Amsterdam’s Afrikahaven (for inland cargo vessels with an LOA length of up to 135 m). The project also included the addition of 3 wharves (plus decks) and the construction of a new concrete wharf equipped with a drinking water station and waste treatment facility.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

For fiscal year 2019, the Port of Amsterdam reported a record throughput of 86.3 million tonnes (6% increase from 82.3 million tonnes in 2018). The growth in throughput was largely attributed to the 18% increase in the transport of energy products (mainly coal and oil products), also dry bulk (+6%), TEU containers (+12%), Ro-Ro shipping (+17% . , chemicals (+3.4%), construction materials (+2.4%). Imports increased by 5.7% (total 53.2 million tons). Exports increased by 5.5% ( 33.6 million tons).

Interest In European River Cruises Soars

In July 2022, the subsidiary of HyCC Holding HyCC BV (Hydrogen Chemistry Company / joint venture Nobian and GIG-Green Investment Group established in 2020) launched the “Project H2era” (500 MW green hydrogen plant in the port area) scheduled for completion 2027. A similar but smaller (100 MW “Project H2ermes”) was launched in Port IJmuiden. Both plants produce H2 and O2 from seawater through electrolysis (using renewable electricity).

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

Cruise lines that include Amsterdam in their ship schedules are increasing every year. The terminal handles more than 250,000 passengers during peak season.

Amsterdam, one of the largest cruise ports in Northern Europe, handles an average (ship call) of 140+ ocean and 1500+ river cruises. The annual number of cruise tourists is around 700,000.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

Viking River Cruises: Day By Day On Viking Hlin

In September 2015, MSC Splendida became the port’s largest cruise ship. The seaport has 2 cruise terminals – Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (serving ocean liners) and another terminal after the locks in IJmuiden.

In 2017, the cruise port handled a total of 134 ship calls (125 in 2016) and 332,998 passengers (281,907 in 2016). There were 23 cruise ships in the port of IJmuiden (32 in 2016). The total number of river cruise ship calls in 2017 was 1876. The number of river cruise passengers was 495,550.

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

In late November 2018, MSC Cruises announced that all of the company’s scheduled Amsterdam calls for 2019-2020 have been cancelled. The decision was due to the port’s new tourist tax for visitors/transit passengers. The tax is EUR 8 pp per day (for port stays shorter than 24 hours) and EUR 16 (for overnight stays in port / longer than 24 hours) MSC refused to recover additional costs from its customers. In the revised MSC routes, Amsterdam was replaced by other Dutch cities, where they offered (optional) bus trips to Amsterdam. After MSC, Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV UK) also canceled all of its pre-cancelled voyages for 2019-2020.

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In 2018, the Port of Amsterdam handled 7525 sea-going vessels (of which 180 cruise ships) and 41424 ships. For 2017, these numbers were 7011 and 40012 respectively. In 2019, the cruise port received 117 calls from seagoing vessels (180 in 2018). The decrease is due to the new tourist tax (since January 1, 2018).

Where Does Viking River Cruise Dock In Amsterdam

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