Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology – Fearless and powerful Ares (Αρης), Greek god of war (Mars to the Romans). Sitting on top of Mount Olympus, overseeing the battlefield and the army. However, sometimes watching is not enough because he saw the taste of fighting. Helping them is something he does well, which is hated not only by the Greek gods, but also by his parents. He gets very involved if someone puts his love, Aphrodite (Αφροδίτη), in trouble. Because if they do that, they will soon see the gleam of his sharp spear on top of a shield decorated with snakes.

Ares, being a Greek god, comes from the source of God. He is the son of Zeus (Ζεύςn) and Hera (Ἡρη), king and queen of the gods. However, since his thirst for war was more than necessary, his parents did not like him, and they often disagreed with him. Of course, this did not stop him from asking his father for help in times of need.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

He also has many sisters. The most famous in his mythology is probably Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and reproduction, from Zeus’s other wife, Dione (Διωνη), the Titan Goddess.

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Ares had many children according to Greek mythology. However, he has three grown children with his favorite, Aphrodite. They were:

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

It is fitting that Ares was the first of the Greek gods to be tried for murder. The trial to kill Ares was the first trial the gods ever held, and the site of this great court can be seen today.

Halirrhothius (Ἁλιρρόθιος) was the son of Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν) and Euryte (Εὐρύτη). One day, Halirrhothius came down to Alcippe (Ἀλκίππη), one of the daughters of Ares and Aglaurus (Ἄγλαυρος), and raped her (or so we have a different myth). This angered the God of War, so he swooped down on Halirothius with his spear and killed him. Poseidon wanted justice for his son and accused Ares of murder.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

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Since Poseidon was accused of murder, and Ares thought it was appropriate, the trial was held on a rock near the Acropolis. This rock is called Areopagos, or Ares Rock (Ἄρειος Πάγος). This site can be visited today.

An interesting fact is that this place served as the meeting place of the elders and the trial of deliberate killings in ancient times. Another high word is that of Orestes (Ὀρέστης), of matricide.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

While in the Areopagos, the trial was going on, Ares said that his reason for killing Halirrhothius was right – he had to protect his daughter from lying to him. Although Poseidon did not agree and called it a brutal murder, not to offend the court of the gods, Ares was released and released.

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Ares being the God of War loves to be in battle. And he seems to be looking for a way to do more than rule the battlefield – for him, he wants to fight. The most famous war is the 9 year Trojan War.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

During the Trojan War, Aphrodite took the side of the Trojans because she promised Paris, the Trojan leader, that she would have his sister, Helen of Troy. Yes, the face commonly called, “the face of a thousand ships,” is the sister of the goddess of beauty. In fact, since the lover of Ares was on the side of the Trojans, he fled to the side of Aphrodite as soon as the mighty thunderbolt of Zeus and its consequences against the Greeks. They joined Artemis and Apollo. Hera, Athena, and Poseidon are the Greek gods – and Hector’s great killer – of course Achilles.

The god of war terrorized the battlefield, stood by Hector and destroyed the Greeks, while Achilles was not there to fight him.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

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Ares roams the battlefield with his sons, Phobos (horror) and Deimos (horror). In addition, he joined the Mirror (Ἐνυώ), a powerful goddess known as the Sister of War. He was responsible for destroying the city and inciting the terror and bloodshed of Ares during the Trojan siege.

Can you imagine fighting that? The god of war, the brother of war, and fear and terror on their side? All this to stand and protect his love, Aphrodite.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

I have to believe that throughout their time, Ares and Athena were always fighting. It comes on the front lines of the Trojan War. Since Ares brings more blood, the gods want to stop him. Athena came down with the prayers of her mother, Hera, queen of the gods, and the mother of Ares.

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“[Athena says :] Ares is a violent, angry, wicked, hypocritical liar who even now is against me and Hera, promising to fight against the Trojans and on the side of the Argives . Now, all promises are forgotten, he stands with those. Trojans.”

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

At this, Diomedes (Διομήδης), a warrior of Achaea who is next to Achilles in terms of his reputation as a warrior, threw a spear directed by Athena and struck Ares. Ares screamed loudly and ran back to Mount Olympus to protest against his father for allowing him to hurt Athena and allowing Hera and Athena to get involved.

“[Athena accuses Ares and accuses him:] You forgive for your mother’s (Hera) anger since she was angry and wanted pain for you, because you left the Achaeans, and gave you the wicked Trojans.” Credit

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

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As you may have gathered, the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was Ares’ secret lover. I say secret because Aphrodite was actually married. Her husband was Hephaistos (Ἡφαιστος), god of fire, blacksmiths, and craftsmen.

Their love triangle is one of my favorites, because that’s why the rooster (Alectryon ἀλεκτρυών) lays eggs at sunrise.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

One day, Ares and Aphrodite plan to meet in secret. Love didn’t want to be disappointed or seen, so Ares assigned a young man named Alectryon to guard the entrance to the chamber.

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After a few hours the boy got tired and fell asleep. At that time the Sun God, Helios (Ἠέλιος), saw the boy sleeping in the doorway and decided to enter the room to see what the boy was guarding. There, he saw Ares and Aphrodite making love. Knowing Aphrodite was married to Hephaistos, she left and immediately told all the other gods about their affair.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

Ares is so mad that he turns Alectryon into a chicken as punishment without telling him that Hilos, the Sun God, is entering the room. That’s why in ancient Greece, Alectryon is the word for a rooster, until today, a rooster crows when the sun goes down, to let Ares know about his chances with Aphrodite to be together.

Unlike many other Greek gods, no statue or temple was built for Ares. Also, those who do not show the characteristics of different gods, so it is difficult to determine the average hero; His image stands out with no more detail than a man with a spear. However, he was often honored when Greek cities went to war.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

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The most famous people honor the Spartans. He is considered the hero all spartans should aspire to be. He was physically strong, good at fighting, and skilled in battle and on the battlefield. The Spartans sacrificed to him in the hope that he would protect them and help them in battle.

The statue of Ares in Sparta was also tied with a rope, a symbol of Ares’s power, great fighting ability, and fear that did not leave Sparta and will remain in the city.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

Overall, the great god of war, Ares, is an interesting character. Today, he is known as a formidable soldier and is described as a legend of health, strength and vision in the army, but at the time, he was seen as a handsome young man who nothing special. Achilles).

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His love and relationship with Aphrodite often leads to pain, and fighting the Greeks in the Trojan War. Hopefully, you learned something useful from Ares God of War. Fiction is a very interesting field. There are many, some contradictory, so if you have learned something different than what is said here, so be it.

Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

To continue learning about Ares, check out these resources, which have been used extensively to create this story.

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Who Is The God Of War In Greek Mythology

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