Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan – According to Japan’s “Twiple Celebrity Ranking” based on the total amount of data collected from January 2020 to December 2020, in 2020 Japan’s favorite idol Vof BTS maintains its royal status in Japan and is the most popular Korean in Japan and foreign celebrities.

Taehyung ranked #5 on Twiple Japan’s annual list, making him the highest overseas artist and the highest solo artist of 2020, surpassing all Japanese solo artists on the list.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

“Twiple Ranking” is the most accurate measurement of the scale of popularity and power of followers in Japan, which shows the level of discussion of prominent public figures based on the analysis of the said Twitter context.

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● Twipple ranked 5th on Japan’s Annual Billboard chart, making him a Korean and overseas celebrity on the list.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

● V is also the single highest-ranked artist on the list (the top 4 spots were occupied by Japan’s most popular idol bands ~ Sixtones, 乃木坂46, King & Prince and Kiss-My-FT2, respectively).

● V is the only Korean celebrity in history to reach the top 5 on the list alongside Kim Jae-jong.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

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「V・キムテヒョネ」 is ranked #5 in Twipple Japan Annual Celebrity Rankings 2020 with 1, 600, 770 tweets this year. Taehyung is the person who ranks at the top of the list. He became the first Korean solo artist to enter the top 5. Purpletree 1230

As a Korean idol who has held a strong position on the Japanese pop charts for months, V’s popularity in Japan is comparable to that of many popular Japanese artists such as the Sixtones. Japan is actually TaeTaeLand.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

The K-pop industry is entering a period of mourning as fellow artists postpone events + content following the passing of ASTRO member Moonbin Hyun Bin. Gong Yu. Park Seo Joon. Lee Min Ho These actors have become household names around the world due to their talent, beauty and highly successful projects. But, if you think that South Korea is the only North Asian producer of beautiful and talented actors, I’m sorry to say that you are very wrong.

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Across the East Sea is the land of the rising sun, with the most beautiful and talented actors on this side of the world.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Arguably the most popular Japanese actor of his generation, Kento Yamazaki had a long-running and well-deserved international project with Alice in the Borderlands. Notorious in Japan, Yamaken, as he is called by his fans, is a regular in box office hits and has a billion endorsements.

Another very popular young actress is the hottie Makenu Arata or simply Makenu. Born in Los Angeles, California, and the son of Sonny Chiba, a legend in Japanese entertainment, McNew had his first acting role at the age of nine. Fluent in English and Japanese, he divides his time between Tokyo and LA, working on projects in both countries. He made his Hollywood debut

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

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Takeru Satoh is one of Japan’s most recognizable actors and is best known for his role as the legendary Kenshin Himura in the live-action adaptation of the hit hit anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Over the years, he has starred in many films and TV series, including Kamen Rider, a role that made him one of the most bankable actors in the country.

Best known for his second lead roles, Keita Machida finally got his big break with Kento Yamazaki

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Keita is a multi-talented musician. He once hoped to be part of a boy band, but an injury made him decide to focus on acting. This was a very good decision as he not only found himself acting in television and films but also in theatre.

In The U.s., His Site Has Been Linked To Massacres. In Japan, He’s A Star.

One of Japan’s most versatile young actors, Kentaro Sakaguchi is also a successful model. His acting range from romantic comedies to serious dramas, making him a reliable actor, whether in the lead or supporting roles. He is also known to resemble South Korean actor Seo Kang Joon.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Manga (mainly for a young female audience), which established her status as a formidable romantic lead. Her beauty has landed her on the cover of hundreds of Japanese magazines, and she has received her fair share of praise!

Despite being one of the youngest on this list, Taishi Nakagawa has already become a triple threat: He acts, hosts, and models. He gained popularity and gave us a serious case of second lead syndrome as Hase Tenma in the second season of Hana Noche Hare, Hana Yori Dango.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

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No list of the best or most beautiful Japanese actors is complete without Jun Matsumoto, or Matsujun as he is affectionately called by his millions of fans. He is probably best known as Domyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango (your Dao Ming Si).

, MatsuJun is not only an award-winning actor, but also a multi-awarded singer as one-fifth of ARASHI, widely regarded as Japan’s most popular boy band. In 2009, Matsujuna played the role of the eternally optimistic Half-Filipino and Half-Japanese Vito in the TV series.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

, a role that won him the Best Actor award at the 13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix.

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(Meet Me After School) in 2018 where he played a high school sweetheart who falls for his teacher. Since then, Kenshi has shown no signs of slowing down, taking on one project after another. He has also started modeling for leading companies including Christian Dior.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

(literally “handsome guy”), who else but Kimura Takuya. Japan’s answer to Sokor’s Lee Byung Hun or Bae Yong Joon, any Kimutaku actor is sure to be a hit with an actor who is not only one of the most popular in the country but also one of the most popular. In addition to acting, KimuTaku is also a talented singer and was a member of SMAP, one of the first and most popular boy groups in Japan. He is so popular in Japan that a poll named him the most popular actor for 14 years in a row!

Johanna (Mok to most people) is known to friends and acquaintances as the final “Queen of the Racket”. She works full-time as a communications specialist at a government agency, while also working as a writer, teacher, and communications manager. Last Friday, China’s central government made headlines for shutting down all celebrity posts in an effort to “correct chaos in the fan community.” How is it in Japan? There’s nothing to worry about here, where a top-notch actor is always a national game.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

These Are The Most Popular Japanese Celebrities Among Koreans

Also, be sure to check out the Top 15 Most Popular Actresses in Japan in 2021.

The survey was conducted over 24 days from June 4 to June 27. 7,580 votes were received. 63% of respondents are women, 37% are men. Their ages ranged from 10 to 92 years.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

(イケメン) in Japanese, it doesn’t mean that, the qualities needed to score highly depend on the qualities of the brain. A key factor in the success of these Japanese A-listers is also the interaction of fans with the fictional characters they play on the big and small screen.

Famous Japanese People

Fans reward the actor’s portrayal as one of the “good guys”. It seems that those who play the villain are penalized a bit in the ratings. The actor who has been called a “chameleon” for his ability to switch between being the main character in one play and the antagonist in another, however, is widely praised for his versatility.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

When a Roman architect went to Japan in modern times to get inspiration for building a bathroom in Rome, Photo courtesy of Binged

The actor’s ability to act in serious drama and comedy also seems to be a factor. #1 Hiroshi Abe can go back and forth from comedies to historical dramas to contemporary entertainment with ease.

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Bts V Becomes The Most Popular Korean Celebrity In Japan

While Japanese non-anime films certainly account for their fair share of characters on this list, the small screen (television) is still what made the character popular in Japan. Appearing in the annual historical miniseries broadcast on national broadcaster NHK is a near-certain way for perennial stars to break through to the top. Maybe that’s why #15 is Hiroki Hasegawa, who played the lead in NHK’s “Taiga Drama”.

Not surprisingly, #1 is Hiroshi Abe, who is 57 years old, and is the oldest member on this list. His loyal fans have been supporting him for over three decades. Most of the leading actors on this list are actually in their 40s. #7 Masaaki Suda is still single in his 20s, and he’s 28. The age distribution is as follows:

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

Based on fan comments, the most popular actors attract multi-generational fans based on the breadth of on-screen opportunities they get.

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Unlike Ken Watanabe and Hiroyuki Sanada, both of whom have worldwide fans and star alongside Tom Cruise

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

(麒が麟かる) which ended in February 2021 after being delayed by the coronavirus. The mini-series, which aired once a week for nearly a year, saw fans bond closely with a sadistic character named Jubei.

Hasegawa has many fans both older and younger than him. A 67-year-old female defendant explained,

Who Is The Most Popular Celebrity In Japan

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