Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe – Throughout history, we have witnessed and experienced phenomena that we cannot explain. What we cannot discover or understand, we turn into myths. These myths are stories that we will tell young children to teach them valuable lessons. While also keeping them out of trouble. We travel to ancient Greece to talk about powerful gods who cause fear in both children and adults. These are the ten most powerful gods of Greek mythology.

One of the lesser known gods, Morpheus, is the god of sleep and the god of dreams. While you sleep, he will enter your dreams in human form, so while you sleep you won’t notice that Morpheus is present. An example of this comes from the story of Alcyone and Ceyex. In the story, Ceixe dies at sea while Alcyone sleeps. Morpheus takes the form of Ceixe to tell her that her husband is dead and that she is now a widow. Morpheus is almost like a nocturnal Hermes.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Also known as the god of fire, Hephaestus mounted his anvil in a volcano. He makes divine weapons and other inventions for his brothers on Mount Olympus. He was responsible for the lightning bolts of Zeus, and often the legendary heroes of the day would seek out Hephaestus to make them weapons for their quest.

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While Hephaestus was married to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, their marriage was precarious. Zeus allowed Hephaestus to marry Aphrodite as a reward for freeing Hera from the trap he had created. However, Zeus planned to organize them for political reasons. Everything happened in that situation. Unfortunately, not for their marriage. Aphrodite was so displeased with Hephaestus that she often cheated on him with Ares. Hephaestus caught them and imprisoned them while they were making love. Hephaestus brought this to Olympus to show the Olympians what was happening. Aphrodite and Ares were humiliated by the blacksmith god. The Olympic athletes laughed at them for being arrested. Moral of the story here, don’t bother Hephaestus. He is a very small god.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Look, Hermes might not be the most elegant or dangerous god out there. Think about it, though. Hermes is the messenger of Olympus and the earth, which makes him a messenger. So when Zeus found his next mortal one night, he needed Hermes to deliver a letter of apology. What if Hades wanted to send hate mail to Chronos? Hermes is your boyfriend. He will carry that letter with no problem. There’s no place this winged shoe delivery boy can’t go.

As an infant, he stole a whole herd of cattle from Apollo and hid them in a cave with no hooves. He used some of those hooves to create his magical winged shoes. When Apollo captured Hermes and brought him to Zeus for trial, Zeus was so amused that he let Hermes go.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

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You can also call her the goddess of hunting. Artemis is the older sister of Apollo, the sun god. Artemis doesn’t spend much time on Mount Olympus because she does her own thing. She is known as the protector of young girls and the guardian of their chastity. Being a virgin herself, she asked Zeus to keep her chastity. As the hunter, Actaeon was caught watching her while she was bathing. Artemis turned him into a stag and raised his hunting dogs. Talk about biting your hand to feed you.

Queen of the gods and sister of Zeus, yes, she has very strange relationships. Hera had many children with Zeus and tended to resent most of them. Heracles (Hercules) in particular. Hera is responsible for taking away his god. She also sets him twelve trials to prove himself worthy of the gods. Hera is chosen who to bring into the world, which makes her quite powerful. See as she is also a queen, and not just the queen of any queen but the queen of the gods. That kind of headline has a lot of power.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Just because he’s a giant doesn’t mean he’s not a god. After all, he is the father of three gods, but that is not all he is a father; he is the father of time. Chronos is the god of time. This makes a lot of sense, given that he is the king of giants. To be able to control and manipulate time at will is a truly amazing feat. You will think with strength like this; he will at least be top 3 right? Unfortunately for him, his three children beat him. They are considered lower beings. To add insult to injury, his son Zeus imprisoned him in Tartarus, where he would wander for the rest of eternity.

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God of war and violence. Don’t take the bad side of Ares. Not only is he very obscene, but he also has a nasty personality. One wrong word and he’ll beat you up. Ares is the driving force behind the Trojan army. Very similar to how Athens was the driving force for the Athenian army. Just as Ares and Athena fought. So did Athens and Troy. In the temple, Ares and Athena never saw each other. Ares gave the world violence and weapons. While Athens devoted itself to the world of art, literature and diplomacy. Things Ares hates.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Ares’ influence is what makes him so powerful. Mortals rely on him to win, but often fear him. Ares is a violent man with an insatiable thirst for blood. Even the people on Mount Olympus didn’t like him very much. In revenge, Ares killed one of Poseidon’s sons for raping one of his daughters. When he appeared in court, Ares was acquitted and not guilty.

After defeating Chronos and the other Titans, Zeus took over the sky, Hades went to the afterlife, while Poseidon descended into the sea.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

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Lord of water and god of storms. Poseidon lived in the city of Atlantis, where people prospered and prospered. Well, before it mysteriously sinks. Atlantis then became an underwater city. Poseidon is one of Chronos’ three siblings. He uses a trident, and if it hits the ground, it causes terrible earthquakes. He controls everything related to the sea; He can even talk to fish. Kind of like Aqua-Man. If Aqua Man is in a terrible mood swing.

Zeus rules them all. He is not only the king of the gods, but essentially the king of men.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Big Daddy Zeus, not literally. This lord of the sky is the father of all known in Greek mythology. Zeus didn’t know how to keep it in his pants. Why him? Being the king of all the gods makes him a master of everything that moves. Once she was even pregnant with a stone. How did that happen?

God Of Destruction

He was so powerful that he made Medusa, a woman so beautiful that she even made Aphrodite jealous. In order to upset his brother, he turned her into a Gorgon. Poseidon was furious with Zeus after he took away his love. There is a lot of pettiness in this temple. Zeus controls all life and oversees the world from his mighty throne atop Olympus. Shouldn’t that make it number one? As strong as Zeus, there was a god with more power than him, and Zeus didn’t even know it.

Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

Lord of the dead, ruler of the underworld. When you die, you go to the underworld, where Hades keeps a record of all the dead souls that enter his domain. Since Hades ruled the underworld, he is also known as the god of death. Consider Hades as one of those nasty knock-on lawyers. However, instead of trying to sell you something, he’s here to claim the debt you owe to life. The only thing more powerful than giving life is the power to take it, and that’s what Hades does. Hades is a great deceiver. When he kidnapped Persephone, the gods were furious and demanded that he return her to Demeter, Persephone’s mother. Hades is willing to compromise. As long as he stays half a year underground, the other half of the year will be able to walk on earth. However, this is before he feeds her a pomegranate, forcing her to stay underground. This trick was so powerful that even the almighty Zeus could do nothing to lift it.

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Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

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Although Ares is the god of war and violence, he is somewhat cowardly. He will run away from the battle with the slightest wound

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Who Is The Most Powerful God In The Universe

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