Why Is Earth Day Important

Why Is Earth Day Important – Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year. It is one of the most widely held environmental events worldwide. United States Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970. The event was held to raise awareness of environmental issues.

In 1990, Earth Day was first recognized around the world. In 2009, the United Nations changed Earth Day to International Mother’s Day. Currently, more than one billion people celebrate Earth Day in more than 192 countries.

Why Is Earth Day Important

Why Is Earth Day Important

Every year on April 22, people around the world try to recycle along with other green activities to save our planet. More and more people are being educated on environmental issues, which has led to more supporters of Earth Day. In 2011, for example, the Earth Day Network planted 28 million trees in Afghanistan. In 2012, at least 100,000 people rode bicycles in China. This plan is to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel. In Panama, 100 endangered species are planted to protect this orchid from extinction. In 2014, NASA partnered with the #GlobalSelfie event, asking people to take pictures outdoors and post them on social media using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.

Earth Day 2016

In addition, We can do more than just go green on Earth Day. We should be aware of environmental issues every day. Live sustainably. It’s not just “reduce, reuse and recycle” because you can do more by supporting environmentally friendly companies. Let’s achieve the same green goal together. World Day. Earth Earth is our planet and its surface is 71% water and there are many different animals and plants on earth.

Why Is Earth Day Important

Presentation: “EARTH DAY, Earth Earth is our planet, its surface is 71% water and there are many different animals and plants on Earth.”—Text of presentation

2 Earth Earth is our planet and its surface is 71% water and there are many different animals and plants on earth.

Why Is Earth Day Important

Earth Day 2020: Why We Need To Act Now

3 When is Earth Day? Earth Day is Friday, April 22; But you can take care of the earth any day.

4 Why is Earth Day important? Let’s think about how we can help the planet while teaching us about our actions

Why Is Earth Day Important

5 What comes from the sun to the earth? Use energy efficient products such as LED support for the environment by recycling and reducing waste.

Ways To Make Everyday Earth Day

6 How do we celebrate Earth Day? Put on a sweater, turn off the heat, turn off the lights, hitchhike to a tree, Walk or bike to school Eat a trash-free lunch Collect trash and more

Why Is Earth Day Important

Download ppt “Earth Day. Earth Earth is our planet. Its surface is 71% water. Earth has many different animals and plants.”

We record and share user data with processors to make this website work. To use this website; You must agree to our privacy policy, including the cookie policy. This year, Earth Day is on Monday. It’s April 22nd. The point of Earth Day is to show support for environmental protection and raising awareness for the planet. Since it was first held in 1970 on the issues facing it, it is held annually and all over the world. The theme of 2019 Earth Day is “Protect Our Species”.

Why Is Earth Day Important

Green Is Not The Only Important Color Of Earth Day

Earth Day is important in raising awareness of our mortality. We teenagers are the next generation to live on the planet, so we have the power to continue to hurt it or do whatever we can to help it. We have to try to make it a better place than when we got here. If we don’t act now, our children’s world will become an unlivable planet.

I don’t know why we don’t discuss our environment and the struggles we face more. Maybe it’s because some people are afraid to admit what really happened. However, by ignoring the problem, we make it worse. People don’t talk about the problems they face around them because they don’t understand how bad the problems are or they don’t know. If you don’t feel this is a problem or don’t care, air quality, I strongly encourage research into issues like ocean plastic and the greenhouse effect. It’s scary, but it’s something we have to think about.

Why Is Earth Day Important

There are many things you can do to help the planet. There are countless things we talk about every day that help the planet, like turning off the lights when you’re not using them. No use of plastic straws; Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. reuse, However, There are many ways to help. One way is to raise awareness about the problems and what you’re doing to stop them. Post it on social media; Show your followers what you’re doing today to help the planet. Even if it’s not Earth Day, don’t forget to think about what you can do to save the planet. Do what you have to do to remind yourself. If you need to put up a poster in your room or put reminders on your phone, do it. Don’t forget to warn your friends about the problems. We are the cause of the problems and the only ones who can prevent the problem.

How To Get Your Kids Involved In Earth Day Activities

Most people post their Instagram story on Earth Day and don’t think about it again until the following year. Earth Day is just one day, but you should think about it all year long. Every time you open a plastic water bottle, Every time you take a plastic straw from Chick-fil-a, Every time you put food in a plastic bag, you should consider it. This is a problem that will never go away, and what we have done to the planet in such a short period of time is irreversible. The time to act is now. It’s a happy day. Nearly 50 years ago, a nationwide demonstration organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson to raise environmental awareness became a huge success that is still known today. In 1970, more than 20 million people participated in marches across the United States and Canada, leading to a movement now watched by more than a billion people in 192 countries.

Why Is Earth Day Important

In his early years, Day focused on improving water and air quality and protecting the planet. But today, As a global community, we need to help solve the biggest crisis we face together. Climate change is changing the world as we know it and poses unprecedented threats to every form of life on Earth. Building support for environmental protection has become more urgent than ever, and Sun has a new meaning.

The potential effects of man-made climate change that scientists have warned about for decades, including global warming, will no longer be a problem in the future. The warming effects of greenhouse gases can be seen all around us. drought Extreme weather events such as wildfires and hurricanes are becoming more frequent. The Arctic is losing its ice, Ocean chemistry is changing faster than in the last 50 million years. These are just the dangerous symptoms of climate change.

Why Is Earth Day Important

Earth Day And Other Important Days

The amount of damage that global warming can cause is hard for most people to imagine. According to a recent study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), human activities have pushed CO2 levels in the atmosphere to their highest level in three million years. Last time the CO2 levels would rise by 20 meters compared to what we have now, Greenland would be really green.

In addition to climate change, air pollution is growing into a global crisis. Environmental pollution is responsible for nine million premature deaths every year, according to a shocking report released recently by the United Nations. At the same time, According to a separate report by the United Nations, 25 percent of global disease and death is caused by environmental damage, and plastic pollution is one of the biggest growing threats. About one million plastic bottles are bought every minute and two million plastic bags are used worldwide.

Why Is Earth Day Important

As a result of that day, Americans Environmental Protection Agency; In addition to the Endangered Species Act, important legislation was passed to protect air and water quality. In 2016, the United Nations chose the day to sign the landmark Paris Agreement, which brought nearly 200 countries together in an effort to limit global warming. However, despite all these advances, more needs to be done to reverse the damage humans have done to our planet.

International Earth Day 2023

This year, Day Network (EDN) is asking people to join the campaign to protect our species.

Why Is Earth Day Important


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