Why Is Holy Week Important

Why Is Holy Week Important – We are entering what is commonly known as Holy Week, the last week of Jesus’ life. Travis Michael Fleming, pastor and host of the Apollo Watering Podcast, guides us through a significant moment each day to help us focus on and reflect on the horrific events leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection.

This week, often called Holy Week or Passion Week, is the last week of Jesus’ life before his crucifixion and resurrection three days later. The Gospels carefully record the events of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection – each from a slightly different perspective aimed at a specific audience. In recording the birth of Jesus, most all gospels record the events of the last three years of Jesus’ life. Thirty percent of the Gospels focus on the last week of Jesus’ life (and amazingly, John devotes 43% of the book to it)! If this week was important to the Gospel writers, it should be important to us too.

Why Is Holy Week Important

Why Is Holy Week Important

This week we will take a moment to breathe and reconnect with the Savior who follows us so passionately. Jesus did the same. Luke in his gospel refers to the transition from Galilee to Jerusalem when Jesus realized it was time to die on the cross for our sins: “

Ewtn Is Here For You During Holy Week And Easter

-Luke 9:51. To say that Jesus was determined to reach Jerusalem would be an understatement. We admire heroes for their dedication to their causes, which is magnified by the obstacles they overcome and the enemies they defeat. Jesus faced the greatest obstacles ever faced by mankind—sin and death.

Why Is Holy Week Important

Jesus was not ignorant of what awaited him – in Luke, he told his disciples in detail three times about his impending death (Luke 9:22; 44; 18:31-33). He knows when and how it will happen, and it will not be beyond His control. The Gospel writers make it very clear that Jesus will not die before the appropriate moment. Faced with a hostile crowd ready to kill him, Jesus walked away (Luke 4:28-30; John 8:59). John said on two different occasions that Jesus’ hour had not yet come (John 2:4; 7:6, 8). His death would not be premature, nor would it happen without his personal involvement. He would be willing to give his life when the time was right.

No one can take my life away. I willingly sacrificed it. Because I have the right to put it down when I want, and the right to pick it up again. for this is what my Father commanded. “

Why Is Holy Week Important

Follow Jesus Through Holy Week: Palm Sunday—resurrection Sunday (march 29–april 6, Ad 33)

Many men and women have a vague sense of when they will die, but few know exactly when. Jesus did it. He doesn’t fear death, he doesn’t run away, and he doesn’t try to change it. While the cross was the culmination of Jesus’ life, it was the resurrection that gave meaning to his death. Many men and women died for the noble cause, but none of them were ever resurrected.

Jesus was determined because he saw the joy of salvation for mankind through his death and resurrection (Hebrews 12:2).

Why Is Holy Week Important

Each day this week we will highlight a moment from the corresponding day of Passion Week and watch the drama of redemption play out before our eyes. When we do this, we are asking God to reveal Himself to us in a more and more intimate way. This week, please join me in pausing and quieting the noise so we can hear the voice of our Creator and see what He has shown us about who He is, who we are, and what He has for us What has been done so that we can increase our impact. Rejoice in Him.

Good Friday 2023: What Are The 7 Days Of Holy Week?

Travis Michael Fleming is the founder and executive director of Apollos Watered, a ministry dedicated to helping followers of Jesus Christ love and live like Him in our global village. As the voice of Apollos Watered, Travis hosts a weekly podcast with listeners across the United States and 50 countries. This podcast features conversations with Christian leaders and teachings that help Christians around the world engage with their culture and learn from each other how to live their faith

Why Is Holy Week Important

Ravis, who grew up on the farmland of east-central Illinois, has been a pastor for more than 20 years, from downtown Chicago to the North Shore of Massachusetts and back to the suburbs of Chicago. Under his leadership, each church grew in spiritual depth and diversity. Travis, who now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and four children, is a gifted speaker who frequently speaks at churches, Christian camps, and conferences around the world. He boldly combines the profound truths of Scripture with an entertaining, energetic and often funny style. More than two thousand years ago this week, one man turned history upside down. We would give anything to be there, to see him, to hear his voice. Instead, we can only use our imagination to rejoin ancient history. Every day this week, known as Holy Week, we will look at this day in ancient history through the eyes of a fictional character who saw part of that day in the life of Jesus. Join us because we believe in a better story: the truest story ever told.

“Little David, you need to go to Jerusalem. There might be something there for you,” my friend Baruch told me.

Why Is Holy Week Important

Easter & Holy Week (christian): Description: March 27

Baruch was right. I gave it a small stroke with the blade – a little sound, a squeal – and the fat bag fell into my hands. Then I move on to the next contributor. They paid no attention to me, a dirty and hungry refugee. To look at me means to touch me, to care for me.

Furthermore, they were listening to a rabbi whose expression was full of death. He learned under a leafy fig tree. The rabbi pointed to the tree. Snick, my next bag is mine. It’s like shearing sheep. I stuffed the money in my dress and looked at another donor who had more than he needed.

Why Is Holy Week Important

Then I saw him. A FIG tree. Its leaves suddenly turn brown, wither, and tremble. A leaf falls to the ground, as lifeless as the sparrow I once hit with a stone in mid-flight.

Malaga, Spain. 02nd Apr, 2023. Penitents Of ‘pollinica’ Brotherhood Are Seen Holding Palm Leaves As They Prepare Inside A School During The Holy Week Celebrations. Thousands Of People Celebrate Holy Week Waiting

The rabbi raised his voice and looked at me, “If you believe, you will get everything you ask for…”. . . . . In prayer. “

Why Is Holy Week Important

I pulled my dress tight over the stolen money. My thighs feel heavy. Slip behind the old woman. The rabbi walked away from the dead tree and away from Jerusalem. The quiet voices of hundreds of Jews rose up singing psalms with the dust under their feet. He – they called him Jesus – walked with dangerous determination. Enough to eventually change everything.

Those brave or foolish enough to follow him would see him hanging on a Roman cross. I’m one of those stupid people. That day, the bag under my dress got heavier. I took them to the temple and left them. Baruch was right. Jerusalem has something for me.

Why Is Holy Week Important

Holy Week Poster Set

This story shows how small, seemingly insignificant things – some call it the butterfly effect – can often turn out to be bigger than we imagine. A humble little boy saw a poor and homeless man withering a fig tree. and then he went to his death, joining the other thousands who were murdered on Roman crosses in his day. The Roman government barely noticed, and the gossips and storytellers (the news media) quickly moved on to the bigger story. Jesus made choices that would tear the fabric of history apart. Something happened today that cost at least millions of lives that we don’t record.

In the modern world we call it Monday, the first day. No matter what language you speak, Jesus died on this day almost two thousand years ago. He had five days to live. The small choices he made led him to the cross instead of running away from it. So this is the sixth most important day in history, based on the choices Jesus made, and the ripples in time caused by those choices.

Why Is Holy Week Important

What would you have seen if you had been there? Will you follow? What decision would you make? What does Jesus see in you?

Discontinue Bad Holy Week Practices

Eugene Scott was changed by these choices that Jesus made. He also enjoys reading and writing stories. Eugene is currently writing another blog called The Year of the Spiritual Life. You can join the spiritual life community by following this blog and clicking here and liking this page. He is also co-pastor of the Neighborhood Church.

Why Is Holy Week Important

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